Living an active lifestyle should not end as soon as you walk into your office.

When you spend up to 8 hours every single day in one space, it’s hard not to want to make changes to feel your best in your environment.

Interested in making those important changes to your office space? Read our top ten tips for having a healthy office.

1. Organize Your Papers For A Healthy office

Don’t let piles and piles of paperwork stack up on your desk. Take the time out to organize all of your important papers into categories to maintain healthy office space.

You need to feel comfortable while at work, so eliminate the craziness of chaos when it comes to printed files. You may not even need as many printed files as you think!

See if you can move these files to a digital copy on your computer for future reference instead.

2. Stand Up More Frequently

If you find yourself sitting at your desk for more than two hours at a time, you could be affecting your health in the long run.

Studies continue to show that sitting at a desk can lead to damaging health issues, such as heart problems, and even drastically increase your risk of cancer up to 66 percent.

These are serious health problems connected to sitting at your desk, which is an inevitable aspect of your career.

There are a few ways to combat the issue of long-term sitting. Standing up more frequently in between work sessions can improve your chances of health risks.

Take the right steps to focus on standing at your desk by removing your chair and positioning your computer at eye level. Walk around while you talk on the phone with clients to increase your blood circulation, too.

Just keep moving!

3. Eliminate Junk Food

The community refrigerator located in your office kitchen can be hazardous to your health. Even without thinking about it, the food inside the fridge that is available for everyone to snack on can be loaded with bad ingredients.

It’s important to take a lunch break and find food that is good for your brain function. Look for whole foods, such as fruits and veggies, to fill your plate with the best natural ingredients free of added sugars and calories.

Bringing your own food from home is also another tip to work in a healthy office. You can easily prepare your own lunches from home to take to work and share with your co-workers to give them the chance to make some nutritional changes to their diet, too.

4. Decorate Your Desk

Allow the positive energy to flow through your office space with some personal touches.

Since you spend so much time working in your office area, why not add some life to it? Click here to see how to elevate your office in the way that Circle Tower has done.

Decorate your desk with your loved ones. Place some family photos to surround your workspace with a touch of love.

You need to fill your office with items to remind you of home and feel as comfortable as possible. Keep your favorite memories in plain sight for a healthy office full of happy things to make you happy.

5. Live a Healthy Office Life by Taking a Break from Your Computer

Another tip to maintain happiness in your office is to take breaks from looking at your computer screen.

When you spend up to eight hours every single day staring at your computer, you are not only hurting your eyes, you are tuning out the rest of your environment.

Be sure to schedule breaks to go outside and be in the sun once in a while. It’s a great idea to soak up some much-needed Vitamin D when you spent most of your time indoors.

Even if you have 30 to 60 minutes to take a break and go outside, this time can help your circadian rhythm according to experts.

6. Stay Home When You Feel Sick

Americans are notorious over-workers. We love to work, work, work, even when we feel a nasty cold coming on.

Look out for yourself and for your co-worker’s best interest by staying home when you feel sick.

You can’t work at your same speed when you are constantly coughing and sneezing, too. Don’t contaminate the office with your germs-it’s just not a good idea!

Taking care of your body when you feel ill is essential to a productive, healthy office space. You need to prioritize your health over your job when it matters.

Your boss will not be upset if you are sick and taking days off because he understands the importance of giving your body that time it needs to recover.

7. Clean Your Desk

This may sound like a no-brainer, but people often forget to clean their work areas. Especially after a cold, you should have some strong Lysol wipes and anti-bacterial solution to wipe down your entire area.

Pay close attention to your electronics, too.

Invest in some special wipes to clean your computer screen and keyboard because germs can definitely live on these surfaces that you constantly touch every day.

8. Make Time For Family and Friends

Working in your office can be great for making income to support your family.

However, you can’t leave them out of your life.

Supporting your family with the money you make from your job is a fantastic bonus to working hard, but you shouldn’t sacrifice forgetting to spend quality time with them.

Take advantage of vacation days and use them wisely.

Plan trips with your friends over long weekends to regroup and give yourself a well-deserved break. Not only are these vacations great for your health, but they will leave an impact on your friendships.

Travel to new places and forget about work for a second. Prioritize your friends and family because they will be the reason why you continue to wake up in the morning and drive to work.

9. Add a Plant

Clean air is a must in the office.

Go to a plant nursery and find the right plant to add to your office. Having a gorgeous new green plant in your office will certainly promote good spirits and the bright green color will no doubt create a calming effect.

Introducing plants in the office can also promote less sickness and boost cognition, which are two wonderful things about placing plants in your workspace right now.

10. Drink Plenty of Water

Those water coolers you see near the bathrooms in your office? Use them to refill your reusable water bottles on a regular basis to stay hydrated.

Long hours in front of the computer can be draining on your body.

Maintain hydration with lots of fluids. When you drink coffee, you need to be careful to balance out those drinks with water. Your body needs water to work at its best, so be sure to fuel your energy with lots of it!

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