Camping is fun for all the family, but there are a few essentials you need to stock up on before you head out so that you’ve got everything you need for an awesome trip.

We’ve left out the obvious (hint – tent) but on our list are a few things that could easily be missed that will definitely come in handy.

Read on for our family camping must-haves guide.

1. Bedding

It might not be the Four Seasons, but you can make your experience a lot more comfortable by packing a snuggly sleeping bag, and if you want to push the boat out an air mattress and pump, with sheets and air blankets and an inflatable pillow.

2. Airbed Repair Kit

It can be such a let down when your airbed gently deflates and deposits you on the hard ground. Puncture repairs kits are easy to use and a lifesaver if everything comes crashing down.

3. Sunscreen

Noone wants to suffer because of the sun – not to mention the long-term health consequences.

Make sure you pack plenty of high-factor sunscreens and reapply regularly, especially to the kids. Make sure you always reapply when they’ve been in the water, however water repellent it may claim to be.

4. Backup Cell Phone Batteries

Camping can pose a challenge for topping up batteries, with your car cigarette lighter probably the method you’ll rely on for getting juice.

If all else fails (like a flat battery…) it’s always worth packing a backup power source. Fully charged power packs are a great option, but we’d recommend sticking a wind-up charger in your camping kit.

In an emergency, they can get you enough charge to get a vital call out.

5. Water Purification Supplies

Whether you choose water purification tablets or a device, it’s worth bringing something with you, especially if you’re planning to camp out somewhere isolated.

6. First Aid Kit

Slips, trips, falls, and scrapes are all too common on family camping trips – and sometimes the kids have accidents too! Make sure you’ve got a good basic kit to treat them.

7. Bug Repellant

You’ll encounter things in the woods you wouldn’t see at home – and don’t want to be stung by. Don’t skimp on this camping essential.

8. Scissors

Might sound basic, but it’s amazing how many scenarios a good, strong pair of scissors will come to your aid!

9. Lighting

Campsites can be very dark places at night. Make sure you’ve got lanterns with you, along with backup fuel or batteries to keep the lights burning.

10. S’mores Kit

No all-American family camping trip would be complete without s’mores.

As if you need to be told what to get, bring Hershey bars, Graham crackers, and marshmallows along with some wooden sticks to toast them on to make the perfect gooey treat that everyone will go nuts over.

If you’re looking to take the family away, but don’t want to break the bank, check out camping trips and how can you get away with the family for less!

Summary: All You Need for Great Family Camping

With a few basic supplies in addition to your tent, you’re all set for a fantastic family camping getaway that they will never forget.

Now you’ve got all the kit you need, head to our guide to the top five campsites in Florida to make your getaway complete!


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