If you have been feeling a lack of self-confidence lately, your current beauty routine could be playing a major role in why you feel that way.

The beauty industry has convinced us that we need to cover-up our “flaws” with make-up, which is creating the opposite effect than what we are hoping to do. This drives the belief that we are not good enough deeper within our subconscious minds, causing more insecurities.

Many women scream in fear of what it would feel like to stop wearing makeup, when in fact, it has the opposite effect. The less toxic makeup you wear, the more you will begin to love every part of yourself.

Also, there are many other bold reasons to stop wearing makeup that will benefit you and your health.

Keep on reading to learn why not wearing makeup will improve your quality of life.

1. It Will Save You Lot’s of Time

The less time you take getting ready, the more time you will have in your life to apply to other things that you love. Research has shown that women spend an accumulative 722 days out of their lifetime on their beauty routines. That is nearly TWO years of your life that you will not get back, just by putting on makeup!

Think of all the other activities that you could be doing in that period, whether it is learning a new language, skill, catching up with friends, or even meditating.

2. Save You a Lot of Money

The average woman spends an estimated $15,000 on makeup in their lifetime. Just think of what you could be doing with an extra 15 grand in your bank account, you could travel the world twice!

The less money you spend on consumerism and buying into the pressures of beauty, the more you could be spending on yourself in ways that will make you feel better, such as a gym membership, healthier food, travel, and massage treatments!

3. It is Much Better For Your Skin

Whether you want to admit it or not, makeup is toxic for your skin. Every single day, women are clogging their pores with chemically-ladened makeup that is causing you more harm than you would think.

Makeup contains toxic chemicals such as:

  • Parabens
  • Phthalates
  • Polyethylene glycols (PEG)
  • Imidazolidinyl Urea
  • Stearalkonium Chloride
  • PVP/VA copolymer
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate

These are just a few of the common chemicals found in a majority of makeup brands. If you are not ready to stop wearing makeup just yet, you should make the switch to non toxic skincare.

4. Not Wearing Makeup will Boost Your Confidence

It may be hard to believe this now, but once you get comfortable without wearing makeup, you will feel an incredible surge of confidence.

This will take time to adjust, but once you do, you will never want to go back. You will now begin to feel proud of your so-called flaws and start to see your imperfections as perfect.

Dove conducted a survey that discovered that only 4% of women feel confident in their own skin. Unfortunately, this is how the multi-billion-dollar beauty industry wants you to feel.

Our insecurities feed consumerism, so the more we dislike our appearance, the more the big companies can make money.

5. You Will Start to See the World Differently

Once you break the chain of buying into the beauty industry, you will begin to see its entirety from a different standpoint. Take a look around you, magazines, social media, advertisements, commercials, packaging, mannequins, they are all made to make you feel less-deserving.

Beauty magazines were designed to make you feel ugly, period. The more you catch on, the more you can pay it forward and help other women out of the beauty trap as well.

6. Going Makeup-Free is Eco-Friendly

Everything to do with makeup is bad for the environment. Just take a look at it and you will see; the plastic packaging to the containers and the product itself are all toxic to the planet.

The chemicals in makeup are not just harming your skin cells, they are also going into the drains, oceans, and ruining our oceans.

The plastic beading (microplastics) in certain skin-care products are being washed away into the oceans and being eaten by fish. This eventually comes back to us in our foods and the plastic is now in our digestive systems.

Plastic never just goes away, it takes hundreds of years to even begin to break down, ruining our eco-system in the process.

7. Wearing No Makeup is Cruelty-Free

According to PETA, numerous major makeup brands still test on animals. Common sense would believe that these major brands would be on board with being cruelty-free, however, there is not enough push to get them to stop.

You vote with your dollar, the less money you spend on these brands, the more they will feel forced to make these changes and stop testing on animals.

China has regulations where some makeup brands must test on animals, so certain brands like Lโ€™Orรฉal do not test in America, but they still do in China.

8. You Will Be More Minimalist

Cutting back on makeup is a smart move for becoming a minimalist. Just think of the size of most women’s makeup bags, and how much room beauty products take up in our suitcases, without all of this extra stuff, you will feel a sense of freedom!

9. You Will Start Accepting Other People For How they Look

Since everything in our outer world is a reflection of our inner world, the more you begin to accept yourself, the more you will accept others.

This will help you to establish better relationships with those around you.

10. You Will Have Clearer Skin

Besides the chemicals, most makeup will clog your pores and cause your face to break out. Wearing no makeup will give your skin a break and help it return to its natural glow.

You will also notice that the redness in your skin goes away, so wearing less makeup causes you to need even less makeup.

Learn More About How to Stop Wearing Makeup

There you have it! Powerful reasons to stop wearing the chemically, eco-toxic, animal-killing, confidence lowering makeup.

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