Usually, an image of rowdy teenagers hanging out in the secluded area to consume pot comes into our mind whenever we think about weed edibles.

Like CBD concentrate, only negative connotations have been associated with weed.

As interest in weed is growing, people are realizing the benefits of the tabooed weed. Fulla Nayak, who smoked weed for more than 100 years, only complained about weak eyesight.

The natives of India were able to live more than 125 years due to the usage of palm leaf wine and ganja without suffering from any serious conditions. In other words, the usage of weed edibles cannot be limited to simply getting high.

Benefits of Weed Edibles

Are weed edibles age appropriate? Should seniors be consuming weed? You can read more about that here. 

There are several medical benefits for senior citizens if they consume edible weed, which is given below.

1. Preventing and Treating Alzheimer’s Disease

Proper data is essential in determining the advantages of edible weed for senior individuals. According to some studies, more than 5 million American people develop symptoms of Alzheimer’s.

Moreover, by 2050, more than 16 million will be registered as an Alzheimer patient each year.

Cannabis has been known to reduce the impact of symptoms and inflammation. Furthermore, it also assists in developing new brain cells.

If taken early, the user will not suffer from Alzheimer’s at all. The edible experience is a perfect solution to tackle Alzheimer’s.

2. Say Goodbye to Cancer

We never thought that Cannabis may be able to prevent individuals from developing cancerous cells. Several tests have been conducted on animals as well as humans, and all tests report one result.

The weed was able to treat several types of cancer such as breasts, thyroid, colon, skin, etc.

Moreover, a study published in Cancer Prevention Research in 2009 concludes that people who consume weed have 48% less chance of suffering from head and neck cancer.

The edible weed is known for preventing the growth of blood vessels which encourages the development of tumors.

Unlike chemotherapy, cannabis-only targets cancerous cells to make them die naturally. Weed edibles can also help to alleviate the symptoms of medical treatment. To learn how to make edibles with weed by clicking here.

3. Gets Rid of Depression

Now you have learned how to make edibles, let us move on to the effect of pot on mental diseases. Depression is common among people who have entered old age. The reason is that senior citizens have decreased the level of endocannabinoids which are produced by our body naturally.

Phytocannabinoids in weed plays the role of endocannabinoids. Consequently, cannabis will be able to improve your mood and will not let you suffer from a self-pitying episode.

4. No More Sleepless Nights

More than 60% of senior citizens have trouble falling asleep every night. Weed edibles are able to relax your body and you can doze off easily.

The natural ingredients don’t have adverse effects and will let you have a good nights rest without affecting any other system in your body.

5. Weed Edibles Reduces Arthritis Effect

Including almost 100 rheumatic conditions, studies have shown that 1 out of 5 senior citizens is a victim of arthritis.

Weed will be able to activate CB2 receptors present near the arthritic joints. Consequently, edible weed will be able to reduce inflammation and pain.

Moreover, it will prevent the brain from registering any arthritis pain. There is a possibility in the future that marijuana will be able to cure arthritis. Research the best edible 2019, and get the best one for you.

6. A Weapon Against Fat

Who would have thought that chocolate that contains weed will be your best choice for losing weight? Some senior citizens may suffer from obesity while others find it hard to maintain weight due to loss of appetite.

Weed will help to stimulate your appetite. 

You will feel more hungry and will consume more food. Consequently, you will be able to gain the weight back. Even though marijuana increases your appetite, it has been observed that weed users have a smaller waist.

To make it better, a high level of HDL cholesterol, which prevents cardiovascular diseases from affecting an individual, have been found in individuals who consume weed. Furthermore, people who take weed are less likely to suffer from Type II diabetes.

7. What is Osteoporosis?

This the question you will ask when you ingest edible weed.

Osteoporosis is defined as weakened bones. The reason is that the endocannabinoid system which uses CB1 receptors to maintain the growth of bones and density becomes enfeeble.

Marijuana makes your bones stronger by reactivating the CB1 receptors. Hence, there will be no more brittle bones in old age.

8. Anti-inflammatory Quality

Edible weed reduces any kind of inflammation by improving the endocannabinoid system. You will be able to get rid of several diseases related to old age.

Having the qualities of an anti-inflammatory drug, cannabis improves your bowel movement. An improved digestive system assists you in maintaining your health.

9. No Need for Toxic Pharmaceutical Drugs

As old age comes, your doctor starts to prescribe you several medicines which may save you from one problem but are responsible for causing other diseases.

For instance, sleeping drugs may eventually lead to ulcers while pills for battling osteoporosis causes dizziness and headaches.

Edible weed has no side effects if it is taken in the right quantity. As it is a natural product, it doesn’t affect your body in a negative way.

10. Make Your Senses Better

Several studies state that cannabis makes your senses better. It will improve the sense of taste, hearing, smell, and sight.

You will be able to enjoy the colors of spring, a melodious song, a mouth-watering beef patty and the perfume your loved one wears. You will be able to live your life to the fullest even at the age of 70.

Measure the Quantity

Everyone remembers what happened to Maureen Dowd when she took too many bites of the weed-infused brownie.

Most people will take more weed than they need as cannabis takes time to start affecting your body. Dizziness and nausea often rear their ugly head if an overdose is taken.

Remember everyone has a different tolerance level to weed. Before consuming weed edibles, ask the advice of an expert.

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