When you are choosing your next big vacation, keep Asia high on your list. The art, history, and culture is a force to be reckoned with and the scenery is more breathtaking.

More specifically, a trip to Guilin China can be excellent, no matter what you enjoy.

To learn what you should definitely check out when planning this trip, read on.

1. Enjoy the Fine Cuisine

The food in Guilin is incredible.

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried their flavorful rice noodles and dishes like dumplings, spring onion soup, and various bread and pancakes.

There is no shortage of food options, and you’ll find it a treat to check out all of the offerings that they have. Make sure that you look up some restaurants before traveling, and book reservations whenever possible.

2. Take Some Photography Tours

It’s incredibly important that you go home with some snapshots and video. The best way to go about this is by booking photography tours with a company that can take you out to see the best sights.

With the rivers, caves, villages, and landscape, you’ll have plenty of areas to visit. By booking a tour, you expedite the travel since you won’t have to worry about getting around, parking, or language barriers. Instead, you’ll simply be able to focus on getting the best shots.

3. Explore the Great Outdoors

There are lots of great landmarks to visit and scenery to take in. What better to do this than getting feet on the ground and petals?

You can go for a hike to get a clearer vantage point of the city. You can also rent a bike that will let you get plenty of exercises while also taking in the scenery on your terms.

Make sure that the Li River is high on your list of sights to see. This is an expansive river that is pristine, beautiful, and a historic landmark. You can access it with a riverboat tour that will be a life-changing experience.

The city is also home to lots of caves, so get out, breathe some fresh air and explore the attractions.

4. Hit the Scene at Night

There is also lots of party opportunity in Guilin.

Whether you choose to take in a dance performance or enjoy some liveย karaoke at a local bar, you’ll have plenty to do once the sun goes down. Figure out what suits your taste so that you’re able to explore the rich nightlife that Guilin has to offer.

5. Shop, Socialize and Meet the People

Above all, make sure that you are never just hanging out in your hotel.

Guilin has a population of close to a million people, so take the time to get out and socialize. Barter in marketplaces, visit villages and simply offer a smile to a stranger.

Plan a Trip to Guilin China

If you want to get the most out of a trip to Guilin China, these guidelines should be helpful. When you want to know more about worldย travel, we’ve got you covered.

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