Having a hard time thinking of what to get dad for Father’s Day? Do you want to make this gift the most memorable one he’s going to get by far?

Avoid common gift ideas like mugs and plain sweaters. Those days are long gone. Instead, aim to give him something that will make this day special.

Consider some of the most anticipated gifts most fathers hope for. Not sure where to start with those ideas? Does your dad steer clear of “common” gifts, making it even more difficult to get something worthwhile?

To help you out, here’s a list of 10 father’s day gift ideas:

Brewing Kit

It’s no secret that dads always want to become a jack of all trades. Giving your father a brewing kit to make his own beer will help fulfill this dream! A brewing kit can also help teach him a new pastime, making it one of the best gifts for dad.

Homebrewing isn’t only something neat your father can invest a lot of his time into, it also comes with a lot of benefits like making his own drinks instead of spending money to buy commercial ones.

Video Games

According to a survey done this year, of all the gamers, a combined 72% of them are in the age range of 18-50 years. Furthermore, 52% of them are in the male bracket. This indicates that most fathers in this generation appreciate video games.

To make him even giddier, try finding a game that’s released during his childhood. That will give him some nice nostalgia and get him smiling from ear to ear. Nintendo did release both the NES Classic Mini and SNES Classic Mini, making this even easier to do.

Desk Chairs

Though this may sound silly at first, getting your father a comfy desk chair will mean so much to him if he’s the workaholic type of father. Letting him know that you notice how he’s slouched down most of the day.

Most desk chairs do more than offer a comfortable position. Some offer massage features or an ergonomic shape to fix your father’s posture.

Tickets to His Favorite Sports Team

This is the safest idea among the Father’s Day ideas here on our list.

If your dad is the sporty type, a ticket to his favorite sports team will do the trick. It doesn’t have to be on the day itself either, the thought that he’ll get to spend an upcoming day to watch his favorite team builds excitement for days to come.

You might also want to buy him a shirt that will go with his team to double down on your gift!


Yes, a watch is a cliche choice among Father’s Day presents but its glamour hasn’t waned over the years. Remember that good watches give a man a dignified, fancy look. Give your father a watch that compliments his complexion, his size, and his stature.

That said, be careful with the kind of watch you buy. Some fathers prefer a sports watch they can bring underwater while others prefer classical watches meant for fine dining.


7% of fathers say that they consider jewelry to be one of the most welcoming of Father’s Day presents. Consider giving your father a ring, a bracelet, or a necklace with a pendant that symbolizes something for him. You can give a necklace with an anchor if he served in the Navy, for example. But if you know he’s not into jewelry you can always choose from a variety of navy gifts.

Always keep in mind the kind of jewelry your father wears. Is he sensitive to necklaces and rings? This means you can’t risk buying him gold-plated or fake silver since his skin could suffer from infections.

You should also check if he prefers silver or gold. Army men, for example, have a stronger affinity for silver because silver ranks higher than gold in the military.

Christian Men’s Rings

Speaking of jewelry, if your father is the type to like jewelry and is religious, why not get him a man’s Christian ring? These bring a nice, slick look to a man’s facade. If you’re not sure where to get one, try looking at the selection available at https://faithgiftbaskets.com/collections/mens-christian-rings.

Electronics and Gadgets

Fathers are always in the market for a good gadget that they can tinker with. If you can afford it, buy him a new phone that can help him do his tasks easier and stay more organized. Tablets are no longer that popular but you may find a good phablet, like the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, that offers modern apps and a bigger screen for its comfort.

Not every gadget has to be a phone or tablet. You can do well with a robotic vacuum cleaner or a Lockitron keyless door lock or high powered cordless jigsaw. These types of gadgets focus on convenience and simplicity, two aspects any father can appreciate.

Gift Cards

Though this may seem like an inadequate gift for father’s day, give your dad a gift card or gift certificate is a great idea. It lets your father shop for something he desires, not something you think he wants.

If possible, get him a gift card for his favorite club, restaurant, or store. If he loves to play golf, why not get him a gift card he can spend to play one whole game for free or to get a discount at a golf equipment shop? It shows him that you pay attention to his hobbies and that you want him to spend a nice day for himself.

Your Time

Sometimes, the best gift you can get your father isn’t something tangible or measurable in cash.

Go plan an outing with him, book a beach day together for Father’s Day, or go out on a cruise with him along with the entire family. Showing your father that you’re willing to drop everything to spend Father’s Day with him.

Wow Your Dad with These Amazing Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With these items in mind, you should have an easier time getting your father that gift that he deserves, and that will make him smile. Don’t keep him waiting and get your father the perfect gift today!

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