People use their phones for tons of activities, from checking out stocks to taking random selfies, and everything in-between. With such an important role in our everyday lives, our phones must stay protected.

That’s why you need a good phone case. But what’s the right case for your phone, and what makes a phone case good?

Read on to find out!

The Right Phone Case for Your Phone

There are several different types of phone cases to choose from. Before examining the elements of a quality case, it’s important to see what kinds of cases you should be looking for.

  • Wallet cases
  • Skin cases
  • Shell cases
  • Dress cases
  • Ultra-hard cases

Plus some more less common case types, such as leather or even woolen cases. With such a variety to choose from, you have to consider your needs and browse the market until you find the right combo of features for you.

Let’s see what makes a good phone case and what you should be looking for below:

1. Protective

You spent hundreds of dollars on your smartphone, so you need to protect it. The most important element of a good phone case is its ability to protect your phone from all the daily hazards that might damage it.

Different cases offer different levels of protection. Your choice here depends on your budget, but also on your tendency to drop your phone. Figure out how often you might damage your phone and pick accordingly.

If you want to drop your phone on the floor without worries, then you might need a hard case, or even an ultra-durable rugged case, like the ones we will examine later on.

There is a clear relation between phone case bulk and the protection it provides. The heavier and bulkier the case, the more protected your phone will be.

2. Unobtrusive

Since the most protective cases are like mini tanks that envelop your phone, you need to take into account unobtrusiveness as well.

There are many elegant cases that don’t block the phone’s features or triple its weight. The element of unobtrusiveness is important if you want to carry your phone in your back pocket, but also if you want to hold it for extended periods without your arm going numb!

Skin cases are the most unobtrusive you will find. They are thin and lightweight. Skins are made of silicone or rubber that can stretch over the phone. While skin cases won’t save your phone from disaster, they will offer some amount of protection, especially when paired with a good screen protector.

3. Scratch Resistance

Most everyday accidents won’t destroy your phone, but they will leave tiny scratches marks that accumulate with time. Resistance to those everyday scratches is important to keep your phone presentable for as long as possible.

Shell cases are somewhat bulkier than skin cases, but offer good protection against small scratches and everyday bumps. If you use your phone while multitasking, it’s a good idea to wear a shell case over it.

Some shell cases come with extra bumpers to protect from shock, but this comes at the cost of elegance and weight.

4. Waterproof

Do you take your phone out when drinking with friends? Maybe you want to browse the internet next to the beach?

A waterproof case is usually bulky, but protects your phone from splashes. Some good waterproof cases are little more than zippable plastic bags, while others look like mini submarines and allow you to submerge your phone in water and still be able to use it.

5. Wallet Functionality

Some people just like to have everything in one place. If you want to do away with your wallet, you can get a case that will hold everything in.

Wallet cases come in many varieties and allow you to keep your ID, credit cards, cash and even spare change in different areas of the case. Sure, these cases can be bulky, but they save you from carrying a wallet around!

Notable wallet cases include the Nomad iPhone X Leather Wallet and the Abacus24-7 Google Pixel case.

6. Stylish

Your phone is really an engineering marvel, built by dozens of world-class designers. That’s why you might want to show it off with an appropriately stylish case.

Get a leather case to dress up your phone in style. Cases like Apple’s Cosmos are not the most protective, but will outline your phone’s gorgeous curves.

7. Ultra-Durable

If you’re the outdoors type, you might want the most durable case there is. Rugged cases are heavy but offer unparalleled protection, even from high drops. This is the type of phone case to buy if you expect your phone to get a lot of repeat punishment.

Keep in mind that these cases reduce touchscreen sensitivity and might block some of the phone’s features, but they are the most protective by a wide margin.

8. Built-In Battery

If you’re away from home for long hours, you should consider a battery case. Smartphones tend to run out of juice easily, and a battery case can give them a few extra hours of life before recharging.

The thinner the battery case, the less charge it holds, so take that into account when shopping for a battery case. If you wish to double your battery life, expect to buy a heavy battery case, but if you just want a few extra minutes of convenience, then you will find slim battery cases as well.

9. Handy Accessories

Some phone cases go beyond just protection. There are cases with tons of additional features, including the ability to receive accessories. For example, landscape stands and kickstands are very useful for larger phones or tablets.

Other handy accessories include arm straps, sports cases and even cases that allow you to carry your phone around your neck.

You can find tons of incredible phone accessories, watches, tablet cases and the ideal phone case for your own device at

10. Innovative Features

Finally, there are cases that surprise and amaze with their unique features and technology. Some are brilliant, some are fun, and some are plain geeky.

For example, there are phone cases with embedded math and chemistry formulas, cases with built-in selfie lights, wooden cases, cases that look like retro gaming controllers, and even DUY customizable cases to choose from!

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