High blood pressure is a silent killer. With no real symptoms associated with this condition, anyone can be at risk. Statistics have shown that over 40 million people in the USA, have high blood pressure, knowingly that is.

With statistics rising, this deadly condition is associated with numerous deaths as people only realize they have the condition when it’s too late. Left undetected and uncontrolled, this condition could cause damage to your arteries, heart, brain, and kidneys.

It could also reduce your quality of life, specifically your sexual life. Hypertension has been the cause of over 75% of sexual dysfunction in men.

While genetic factors and your take in life could greatly contribute to this condition, ordinary people can be affected as well. Here’s a look at ten common symptoms of high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Signs and Symptoms

Regular blood flow in your body under the right pressure maintains healthy and functional organs in the body. That is why when you are diagnosed with hypertension or hypotension, your organs could quickly start to shut down if not properly cared for.

Learn more about these two conditions. For now, read about the common symptoms and see whether you should be worried about high blood pressure.

1.Blood Shot Eyes

In medical terms, this is also known as a subconjunctival hemorrhage. It’s common in patients with hypertension and diabetes. While hypertension causes a strain in the blood flow, the tiny vessels that transport blood to the eyes are also damaged.

Retinopathy will cause the blood vessels to transport blood at a high rate to your eyes, which in turn causes bleeding in the eyes or a blurred vision.

Left untreated, this symptom could quickly change from bloody eyes to complete loss in vision or nerve damage.

2. Dizziness

High blood pressure means your body is running at speeds that are not within the normal systolic and diastolic parameters. While dizziness is very common in many other conditions, feeling faint could be a symptom of concern.

The qualities of high blood pressure tend to cause uneven balance of hormones and blood in the body. This easily causes one to feel faint or tired easily and under little intervals of work.

3. Facial Flushing

The blood vessels in your body can be dilated from rapid changes in the environment or other reasons such as hot or cold drinks. While your body becomes easily reactive, it is a sign you are more susceptible to conditions than usual.

This symptom may not be directly related to hypertension. But high blood pressure causes changes to your nervous system that could exhibit such a sign.

4. Severe Headaches

Many times, people ask, is high blood pressure dangerous? Yes, a headache could turn to a nagging headache, and then a severe migraine.

Many doctors have ruled out that most headaches are not caused by hypertension, but it has been linked to severe brain damage which could start with a mere headache.

Your head also needs plenty of blood supply, and as the body is operating under high stress, headaches will be more common than you think.

5. Fatigue

Healthy arteries transport blood throughout the body through their flexible elastic and strong pathways. But as pressure builds up in the body, your heart will soon start to tire.

It will be pumping blood under high speeds, and this, in turn, will cause your body to easily tire even from little work. Carrying and lifting weights will become a burden. Especially for the elderly, pregnant or lactating women.

6. Chest Problems

If you are experiencing chest pains or difficulty breathing, you should check up with your physician and get tested for high blood pressure. While it’s not a definite cause of this condition, it has been greatly affected by it.

The pains begin when blood circulation around the heart is not under the right parameters. The function of the heart is to clean blood and get rid of deoxygenated blood. Without rhythmic sequence of the heart, breathing and chest pains can become frequent.

Panic attacks and the stroke will soon follow if you don’t get yourself checked.

7. Irregular Heartbeat

Following close by to the chest problems is an irregular heartbeat. To understand what hypertension means, you need to get an understanding of the numbers under which you’re tested for blood pressure.

High means your blood is pumping at an extremely high pace. This could mean you have irregular heartbeats like when you are triggered by fear or ecstasy. The heart cannot pump blood adequately at these rates causing you to experience irregularly fast or slow heartbeats.

8. Blood in Urine

Hypertension causes damage to your kidneys. While the kidneys play a major role in cleaning the blood off the waste and other harmful chemicals. Damage to your arteries as discussed above will cause blood to be filtered inadequately, in turn, it causes you to have blood on your urine.

This symptom is common among other conditions, but to be on the safer side. It would be proper to have a checkup. Otherwise, you could be prone to nephropathy, which is kidney disease or total kidney failure.

9. Sleeping Problems

A high percentage of people with high blood pressure experience symptoms like obstructive sleep apnea. Besides insomnia and other sleep-related problems, hypertension causes other sleep deprivation in many.

Besides, doctors indicate that high blood pressure can also be heightened if you have prior sleeping problems.

10. Memory Lapses

High blood pressure affects the brain. From strokes to mild cognitive impairment, this condition could also cause a severe transient ischemic attack that has been linked to permanent loss of memory, speech, and other cognitive functions.

It all starts with short term memory losses to dementia even in young people, and soon, Alzheimer’s starts to kick in. It could be a very dangerous symptom of high blood pressure.

Be in the Know

A simple query like is high blood pressure bad creates much curiosity. The straight and definite answer to this is yes. Hypertension has been a major condition that has caused death more rapid than many other conditions.

If you think you have high blood pressure, or you are experiencing some of these signs. Contact us so we can help you with what’s to come.

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