Consumers spend millions of dollars on retail ecommerce each quarter, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t get your piece of the pie. When you learn how to run a successful ecommerce business, you can make as much money as your system and marketing strategies will allow.

We are here to help you with some of the top business startup ecommerce tips to start growing your business. Continue reading this article to learn how to grow your business and get the results you want out of your new business.

1. Use Affiliates to Market Your Products

People love to make money marketing products they don’t have to manage. If you create the best affiliate program in your space, you can start growing your income by allowing affiliates to take a percentage of the profit for the sales they drive.

If affiliates don’t make any sales — they don’t get any money. This is an inexpensive way to have a virtual sales team working for you to drive sales, and your biggest fans can make money off of promoting your products.

2. Market to Existing Customers

Sometimes our best customers are our current customers. Even if you only have one product, you can still market to the people that already own it.

They might want to give it as a gift, or they might want multiples of it if they want to keep one at their house and one at a vacation home or RV. Following up with fun content can keep your company at the top of their mind without being annoying.

There are companies that are in your space but aren’t in direct competition. Network with the owner of these sites and see how you can work together to drive more sales for your company and theirs.

Most people are more than happy to put more money in their pockets by sending out an email for each of your companies. Just make sure you focus on how the promotion is going to help them. You might even offer to write the email copy to make it even easier.

4. Optimize Your Store for Mobile

Many people shop when they are standing in line at the store or waiting to get seen by the doctor. If you don’t have your store optimized for mobile, you’re missing out on thousands of dollars from people that are shopping when they have nothing better to do.

Never underestimate the power of boredom. Have your store mobile ready and make it easy for them to pay.

5. Improve Using Customer Feedback

Asking customers for feedback is one thing, but using that feedback to improve is what makes the difference. Make it a point to set times to review customer feedback and set aside two or three things that you believe you can act on to make your store better.

6. Automate Discounts

You might want to send out discounts on holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other times throughout the year. Instead of having to go through and create campaigns for each of these times, set up automation.

When you set up automation for discounts, you won’t ever miss one because you forget. If you don’t automate birthdays and anniversaries, it’s impossible to do manually with a big list.

7. Use Long-Form Content to Attract Customers

Content marketing is an important part of bringing people into your store. If you aren’t using content marketing, you’re missing out on highly targeted traffic from Google and other search engines.

Long-form content is in-depth content that answers customer’s questions, entertains, and builds trust with your brand.

If you’re creating videos, try doing videos that are 15 minutes and longer. The more people watch your content, the more they’ll get to know you and feel good about doing business.

For posts on your blog, create content that is at least 1,000 words and preferably 2,000 words.

Don’t spend time trying to push products that don’t convert well. Even if you’re sitting on a lot of the products, you shouldn’t try to force it on people.

It’s better to give it away or donate it than to spend thousands of dollars in ads trying to get people to take it off your hands. If you have the space to store it, then store it until people show interest and start buying.

9. Outsource Customer Service

One of the biggest resource drains is customer service. If you have to hire a team of people to take care of customer service, this can be near impossible in the beginning.

Having a team of people handling customer service means you’re paying for these people to work full-time no matter who out of your customers needs help. When you outsource ecommerce customer service, you know how much money you’ll spend, and you can scale your store without working about taking care of customer service.

10. Implement Social Contests

You’re already posting on social media, and people like your photos, but it’s most likely not converting. Social contests are a great way to get people to engage with your content, share it, and bring new potential customers to your brand.

Using These Business Startup eCommerce Tips

Now you know more about building a successful ecommerce business with these business startup ecommerce tips. You can use these tips to create a business that will pay you for the long-term.

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