Is the storage room in your home a mess? Do you keep the door closed just so that you can pretend it doesn’t exist?

We all know the feeling. But did you know that a disorganized or messy home can actually affect your mental health?

It’s true- messes cause stress. But thankfully, there are some super simple ways to help de-clutter your storage room and take back control of your home. Curious to know more?

From organization tips to space-saving ideas, we have everything you need to know right here. Keep reading to learn about ten brilliant storage room ideas that will simplify your home and your life. Let’s get started!

1. Label, Label, Label

When it comes to learning how to organize a storage room, labeling your items is a great first step. Labeling will help you remember where things are, and clarify how to stack storage bins.

Try to be as specific as possible when you’re labeling. Don’t be afraid to get down to the nitty-gritty and include details of each and every item inside! But don’t forget that if you move items around while accessing your storage bins, you’ll need to update the labels to avoid confusion.

2. Color Coordinate

Color coordination is another way to help yourself identify where your stored items are. For example, stack items by product type, by holiday, by season, or by a household member.

Visual cues are a great way to make storage even easier on yourself. Combine color coordination and labeling for an unstoppable organization scheme!

3. Stacking Bins

When picking out storage bins, remember that stackable options are a must. They don’t have to come as a set, they just need to work when stacked from largest to smallest. Stacked bins will save you tons of space in your storage room, creating more room for other items.

4. Use Wall Space

Wall space is often overlooked in storage rooms, but it offers a whole new way to generate more elbowroom. If possible, mount a 3/4 inch thick layer of plywood onto your wall. This way, you’ll have a continuous surface on which you can secure mounting hardware for storage shelves.

5. Customize DIY Storage for Odd Items

Who says you can’t make a storage container that fits odd-shaped items like sports balls, yard tools, or whatever else is hanging around your home or basement with nowhere to go? All you need to do is get creative.

Youtube and Pinterest are excellent resources for insight. Search around to get inspired. Most of the time, you can create these customized storage containers from items that you already have around the house!

6. Try Protective Storage Bags

If you’re looking for basement storage ideas, this one’s for you. Basements are a different climate than the rest of your house, so you’ll want some added protection against moisture and mischievous critters.

Look into protective storage bags. Their heavy duty external material will protect any item that you want to keep extra safe.

7. Get Creative with Your Storage Room Ceiling

We already know that wall space is often overlooked as a storage option. But did you ever think of storing items on the ceiling?

All you need to do is create some basic wooden tracks. You can achieve this by screwing one 2″X2″ piece of wood into the ceiling vertically, and then another 2″X2″ onto the bottom of the first piece horizontally. This will create an upside down “T” shape.

Measure the width of your storage bins, and repeat this process at the appropriate distance. Then, fill the bins, label them on the bottom, and slide them onto the tracks.

This is a great option for storing lightweight goods. With ceiling storage, you’ll be able to get little-used items out of the way to create more freedom in your storage room.

8. Use Tubes to Store Tall Items

At almost any home and garden store, you can buy inexpensive, large cardboard tubes. These tubes are meant to form concrete for pillars and posts, but they have another use for your storage room.

Use concrete forming tubes to store tall items like rakes, tennis rackets, and brooms. For extra space and security, use plumbing straps to secure the tubes to the wall.

9. Heavy Duty Racks Can Store Large Items

If you have heavy items to store, you’ll need to turn to a heavy duty shelving unit for assistance. Look for a unit that’s made of steel or another material which can hold up extreme weights. This is optimal for storing tires, weights, heavy tools, and anything else that’s hard to lift!

10. Create a Corresponding List or Map

So, you have all of your items stored away in an organized and neat fashion. But how will you find them?

In addition to labels and color coordination, creating a detailed list or map is a great way to ensure that you know where everything is located. In whichever fashion works best for you, write down or draw where each and every item is in your storage room.

Although this may seem time-consuming, it’s worth it. If you properly catalog where all of your belongings are, you’ll save time looking for them in the long run.

Need Help?

Feeling overwhelmed, even with the help of the storage ideas above? If so, it’s time to consider professional help.

In fact, there are companies that exist exactly for that purpose. Trustworthy businesses like Pipp Mobile Storage Systems Inc. can help get you up to eighty percent more storage space in your storage room. And you won’t even have to lift a finger!

Wrapping Up

If you follow the storage room organization ideas above, you’ll have a neat and tidy storage room in no time at all. Just remember to utilize each and every corner, to label and color coordinate everything, and to get creative

It’s easier than you think! But if you feel overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional storage company for assistance.

Do you have any questions or comments? Feel free to contact us anytime. We’re here to help.

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