Once, gaming was thought of an anti-social and pretty niche activity. No longer. These days, 75% of Americans have a gamer in their household, and the number is ever-growing.

It can also be a social event. Couch co-op games became a thing decades ago, and it’s progressed to online co-op being the norm. Moreover, with video game trade in services offered at many retail establishments, buying and selling old, used, or completed games becomes a thing of simplicity.

There are also competitive games, if you have enough faith in your friendship to survive such a trial!

If you’re looking for the best games to play with friends, these are a great place to start

1. Strategy Co-Op Game, A Way Out

Prison break-out game A Way Out involves two players teaming up to achieve their escape.

Each of you will have to perform some tasks separately and work together for others to complete the game.

This requires some serious concentration and can get intense, so only play with someone you have great communication with!

2. Dead by Daylight, for Horror Fans out There

If you and your friends want something a little creepier, Dead by Daylight might just do the trick.

In this game, one person plays a classic horror villain chasing down four victims.

The victims’ goal? Survive.

The monster’s goal? Kill.

It’s a pretty simple concept with some fun mechanisms, though the survivor’s inability to fight back can make the game tense at times.

Still, it’s a fun mix of co-op and competitive that you should definitely try out.

3. Overwatch, One of the Classic Best Games To Play With Friends

Overwatch has been around for a long time on both PC and console and is one of the top co-op games ever.

It’s a first-person shooter game based on two teams fighting against each other, which is not a particularly original concept — but what is original is the background.

Each hero in the game has a long backstory and the world itself has some rich lore that’s really fascinating if you’re willing to dive in.

Luckily for gamers, there’s also a hero to suit any play style.

4. Street Fighter, for Those Looking for an Arcade Game

If you’re not a console or PC person, or just like to kick it old-school, arcade games might be for you.

Street Fighter is a classic, simple versus game which pits you against a friend or a computer.

As well as this, there are many other multiplayer games that can be found in arcades. They’re quick and easy to play!

Rocket City Arcade in Huntsville, Alabama, for example, has so many classic arcade games from the ’80s and ’90s that you’re bound to find something you love.

5. Super Smash Bros., for Supposedly Light-Hearted Fighting

Okay — it’s not that light-hearted once you get into it and start to get competitive.

Smash involves many classic Nintendo characters that can be pitted against each other on various stages.

It’s one of the most chaotic fighting games available, but it’s a whole lot of fun.

6. Mario Kart, Ruiner of Friendships

If you’re into racing games, people of all ages can enjoy this Nintendo franchise. Available on consoles as old as the N64 and as new as the Nintendo Switch, it’s been around for a long time.

Be warned, though: it seems to bring out a competitive streak in many people that can’t be tamed. This game is a minefield for sore losers!

Have fun, and beware of those red shells and banana peels.

7. Pokémon Go, the Double Purpose Game

Playing games with friends doesn’t have to mean being lazy or stuck inside.

Pokémon Go combines gaming with exercise!

If you haven’t yet heard of this hit mobile game — where have you been? — then it’s mostly about walking.

You’ll achieve nothing by sitting on the couch trying to play. Niantic have deliberately made this method of play incredibly unproductive.

You can join up with friends to compete in raids and capture extremely powerful Pokémon dotted around the area you live, giving it a fun co-op aspect.

Or if you want to get competitive, you can battle them too.

8. Fortnite, Everyone’s Favorite Battle Royale

Fortnite can be played on your own or in a team with friends!

Like any other Battle Royale game, you’re dropped into an area and have to fight other people. he last person (or team) standing wins.

Since you can be dropped into the stage with up to one hundred people, it’s not easy to win a match. But the good thing about this game is it’s totally free, so you can practice and get good without having to spend any money.

9. Divinity: Original Sin II, a Medieval RPG

If you’re more of a RPG person, the highly rated Divinity: Original Sin II is a great one to try out.

A super immersive game with many RPG elements, this is one you could get lost in forever.

You don’t always have to play with a friend, but it sure makes the experience more fun. It’s many hours long so if you do choose to play the whole thing through with a buddy, make sure you both have a lot of time on your hands!

10. Deceit, Where You’ll Find out Who Your True Friends Are

PC game Deceit involves a group of friends spawning into a level where a couple are infected and will soon turn into monsters.

The problem? You have to work out who and execute them… and your friends likely aren’t going to admit to it.

This game is a lot of fun, and will quickly teach you who in your friend group is a good or bad liar.

Just don’t take it personally when your best friend has to take you out…

Go Forth and Game!

Whether you love RPGs or first person shooters, arcade games or console, the best games to play with friends are scattered across every genre and platform.

Some of them require cooperation and will strengthen your friendship.

Some require competition and may ruin it. We’re looking at you, Mario.

But hey, that’s half the fun, right?

If you’re interested in learning more about the fun games to play with friends, check out the rest of our blog!

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