When you think of kids’ clothes you probably imagine t-shirts with cartoon characters on them. Or maybe sugary-sweet dresses that look like they belong on a baby doll.

How often do you equate children’s clothes with being chic and fashion forward?

Probably never. Unless you’re flipping through the pages of “US Weekly.”

There you’ll find the most fashionable celebs with their equally fashionable kids. Kids don’t have to dress in corny clothes just because they’re young.

Do you have a kid and want some inspiration for upgrading their wardrobe? Check out this list of the best dressed kids of celebrities.

1. North and Saint West

The kids of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West like to dress up for occasions big and small– just like their mom.

When Kim first became famous she wasn’t exactly known for her fashionable clothes. But, later on when she met Kanye, she upgraded her style. Now, her wardrobe is chic and sleek.

North and Saint’s style is no different. Saint barely knows how to walk, but his Gucci shoes are still cooler than most adults’.

Yes, Gucci isn’t just for grown ups. Want to check out all the options Gucci has for kids? View here for more!

2. The Jolie-Pitt Kids

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie split over a year ago. But, you can still see both of their impeccable styles emulated in all of their children. Yes, all six of them!

Maddox is the oldest of the bunch. He has a cool, rocker style that’s reminiscent of what Angelina used to wear in the 90’s and early 2000’s.

Their daughter Shiloh looks just like Brad with her short blonde locks. She’s often seen on the red carpet wearing a sophisticated suit.

When the whole brood appears on the red carpet together, they’re often in coordinated outfits.

But, they certainly don’t look like the Von Trapp family. At the Toronto Film Fest in 2017, they casually matched in greys, blues, and blacks.

3. Blue Ivy Carter

Blue Ivy Carter is Beyonce’s daughter. What more do you need to know?

When your mom is the coolest woman in the world, of course you’re going to be a fashionista yourself!

Everyone always wants to see what Beyonce is going to wear to big events. It’s just as exciting to see what little Blue Ivy will wear as she cheers on her mom.

But, stars, they’re just like us! Beyonce loves to wear matching outfits with Blue. Remember when your mom made you do that?

Except you probably weren’t wearing twin gold gowns to an arts gala. And you probably didn’t get to bid on a $19,000 piece of art at 6 years old.

4. Suri Cruise

The daughter of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes is the spitting image of both parents. Unlike the previously mentioned best dressed kids, Suri has a more preppy style.

You’ll often find her in an adorable peacoat perfect for a chilly morning stroll through Manhattan.

Suri loves to go for an extra girly look. She must have a closet full of statement hair bows that go with every outfit!

5. Matilda Ledger

The daughter of actors Michelle Williams and the late Heath Ledger is often shielded from the public eye. But, when you do catch a glimpse of Matilda, it’s amazing to see how much she looks like her father.

But, her style is all Michelle. Just like her, Matilda loves to rock the color yellow. Who can forget Michelle’s iconic yellow Vera Wang gown she wore to the 2006 Oscars?

Now that Matilda is 12, she’s starting to develop her own sense of style. She loves fun, quirky outfits with lots of prints and colors.

6. Harper Beckham

Harper is the youngest child and only daughter of David and Victoria Beckham. Though her mother was once a Spice Girl, she’s now a respected designer.

Her mother’s taste for fashion must have rubbed off on Harper. Though she’s just 6 years old, she probably has the most sophisticated look of any of these best dressed kids.

7. Kaius and Skyler Berman

The celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe is now a celebrity in her own right.

When she’s not dressing the stars, she’s dressing up her sons Kaius and Skyler. Rachel pairs their long, shaggy hair with cool, SoCal inspired clothes.

Just like their mom, Kaius and Skyler are often wearing a summer hat to keep the LA sun off their faces.

8. Prince George and Princess Charlotte

You can expect that the royal children would be two of the best dressed kids in all of England! Their mother, Dutchess Kate Middleton is a fashion icon. Little Charlotte has some big heels to fill!

Little George and Charlotte are always going to different royal events. They have plenty of stylish clothes fit to frolic the English countryside in.

9. Marion and Tabitha Broderick

Marion and Tabitha are the twin daughters of the fashion queen herself, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Marion and Tabitha have a cool, Manhattan style. On the way to school, paparazzi will often catch them in contrasting casual dresses. They look like a matching pair of little Carrie Bradshaws!

10. Willow Hart

Willow Hart, daughter to Pink and former motocross star Cary Hart, has a style all her own. Her mother has always be open about teaching her daughter to be her authentic self.

That means dressing the way she wants even if it means she doesn’t look like everyone else.

Some days she wears a fluffy dress on the red carpet paired with a motorcycle jacket. Other times she’s in a tailored men’s inspired suit with braided pigtails. Fashion should be fun, so you might as well experiment with different looks!

Those are the 10 Best Dressed Kids!

You might not be able to dress your kids in designer duds. But, you can encourage your children to express themselves through their clothes.

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