Go to any gym or talk to someone who enjoys exercising and they’ll tell you that they often use technological features to supplement their routine. This could take the form of logging a day’s workout, monitoring progress over time, assembling an exercise playlist, for example.

In the infographic below, which was created by My Fitness Boutique, you can see 10 apps that are sure to appeal to fitness fanatics everywhere. If you’re starting out on a new fitness program, you might take plenty of inspiration from the app selection, while seasoned exercise lovers might just have missed a couple of these and wish to add to their collection.

Aside from the obvious examples mentioned above, one of the handiest fitness apps is the seven-minute workout from Johnson & Johnson, which comes in very useful for anyone who struggles to commit to several days a week in the gym. The exercises it suggests provide a frenetic, high intensity workout which gets the body pumped in next to no time!

There’s also those apps with which you can customize your workout so that it’s perfectly suited to you. You can find any number of workouts online, but if these templates don’t benefit you, then why persist with them when you can easily tweak a workout that will help you to achieve your fitness goals?
Are there a few apps missing from your collection which would be a great addition to your fitness program? The following infographic should help to fill in the gaps!

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