In the United States, 71% of Americans own at least one credit card. Many credit cards offer rewards for using them.

You probably know how to use credit card rewards to save money, but do you know how using credit cards to make money works We’re here to tell you how to make money with credit cards.

Top Tricks for Using Credit Cards to Make Money

Here are 10 credit card tricks to make money.

1. Use Cash-Back Cards

Some credit cards pay you to use them by giving you cash back on every purchase.

The more you spend using a cash-back card, the more money you make. Putting all your monthly purchases on the credit card will maximize the amount of money you earn.

2. Sign-Up Bonuses

Certain credit cards offer bonus points when you open a new account. To find a card offering bonus points you can use a credit card promotion website to compare card offerings.

Earning bonus points up front can translate into cash rewards depending on the rewards offered by the credit card.

3. Save Your Cash Back

If you are using a cash-back rewards card, you can use the money you receive back to invest.

This money will earn compound interest which will add up over time.

4. Use an Investment App

Using an app to automatically invest a portion of your credit card purchases can make you money.

By rounding the purchase price up to the nearest dollar, the app will invest the spare change for you.

5. Go Online

Some cash-back cards offer extra cash back for using the card at an eligible online store.

This can turn a 1% cash back card into a 5% cash back card when using it to make purchases at the online store.

6. Take Advantage of Bonus Categories

Many cards offer extra cash back for purchases made in specified categories.

For example, using the credit card at a supermarket or gas station might earn you a higher reward for a certain period.

7. Sell Reward Points

If you don’t get cash back with your card you can still use your rewards to generate cash.

Perhaps you have lots of travel miles but don’t plan on traveling anytime soon. Selling the points to friends and family members can earn you money.

8. Make Use of the 0% Interest Rate

Many cards offer a 0% interest rate when you first open an account.

By paying only the minimum amount due each month during the 0% rate period, you can free up cash to invest without accruing interest charges on the card.

9. Use the Card’s Other Benefits

Certain credit cards offer benefits such as free car rental insurance or extended warranties on products purchased using the card.

Make sure you know the benefits your card provides so you can use them and save money.

10. Price Guarantees

Some cards will refund a portion of your purchase if the item you bought can be found a lower price elsewhere.

This means you could get cash back from your purchase if the price drops on the item you bought using the credit card.

Using Credit Cards to Make Money

Using credit cards to make money is a smart move. Now you know the secrets to making money from credit cards and using My Credit Focus can help.

Whether you’re interested in taking out a loan or figuring out what to look for when hiring a tax accountant, we’ve got your financial questions covered.ย  If you are having trouble getting approved for a credit card, many people turn to credit repair institutions like Highline Creditย to restore their credit score to good standing.

Be sure to check back often and find out more about financial issues.

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