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One GOP lawmaker’s push for a moratorium on commercial water permits

By | 10.03.11 | 1:11 pm

While intense community organizing and outreach effectively curbed the ability of private entities to withdraw water from the Wacissa River, a state bill filed last month would move to further protect an already strained Florida aquifer from corporate interests.

Jefferson County approves landmark ordinance protecting Wacissa River from water bottlers

By | 09.29.11 | 10:50 am

Citizens in North Florida marked a pivotal victory earlier this month with the adoption of a first-of-its-kind law that will ensure the Wacissa River and surrounding public waters are protected from private water bottling interests for generations to come.

The Wacissa River (Pic via Wikipedia)

Nestle backs out of Wacissa River water-pumping deal

By | 07.28.11 | 9:46 am

Nestle Waters North America has backed out of a deal that would have required pumping water out of the Wacissa River for use in the company’s Madison County water bottling plant.

Gov. Rick Scott, signing pill mill legislation (Pic via

Six in the Morning: A six-pack of infobits you might have missed but shouldn’t have

By | 07.28.11 | 8:38 am

Nestle Waters has abandoned its plans to pump drinking water from the Wacissa River in Jefferson County for a bottling operation that faced vocal opposition from locals. Plus: five more important items!

Rep. Allen West, R-Fort Lauderdale (Pic by Debra Todd)

Comments of the Week: West, WikiLeaks, Nestle, Huckabee, Scott and Medicaid

By | 12.17.10 | 5:00 pm

Every Friday here at The Florida Independent, we pick out the best comments we received during the previous week, whether they came from commenters here on our site, or via Facebook and Twitter. Want to be included next week? Assail us with your rapier wit!

In response to “West calls for ‘censoring’ news outlets working with WikiLeaks”:

Nestle draws fire for plans to pump more water from North Florida springs

By | 12.02.10 | 2:00 pm

As Nestle, the nation’s largest bottler of spring water, begins preliminary testing of potential withdrawal sites along the Wacissa River in Jefferson County, residents in the area are pushing back against the further privatization of public waters.

Concerned citizens, scientists, lawmakers and community groups claim the new facility will benefit only Nestle’s bottom line, without providing a single new job or reimbursing the state beyond a $230 permitting fee, in exchange for the 400,000 gallons of spring water per day Nestle is seeking to pump from the Wacissa.

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