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Live-blogging the Senate’s field hearing on new voting restrictions (Update: Hearing adjourned)

By | 01.27.12 | 12:35 pm

We’re live-blogging this afternoon’s U.S. Senate field hearing on the new voting restrictions approved by state legislatures around the country — including Florida’s — last year. Send me an email with any comments you’ve got, or hit us up on Twitter, and I’ll be sure to post them here. Keep hitting refresh to get the latest.

School districts told to monitor enrollment of Alabama immigrant students

By | 10.11.11 | 10:51 am

The impact of Alabama’s new immigration law, which requires K-12 schools to check the immigration status of their students, could be felt in several states, including Florida.

One GOP lawmaker’s push for a moratorium on commercial water permits

By | 10.03.11 | 1:11 pm

While intense community organizing and outreach effectively curbed the ability of private entities to withdraw water from the Wacissa River, a state bill filed last month would move to further protect an already strained Florida aquifer from corporate interests.

(Pic by Max Wolfe)

Care Net affiliate teaches sex education in Manatee County despite policy change; Planned Parenthood still excluded

By | 05.11.11 | 3:30 pm

Last year, Manatee County addressed a significant rise in teen pregnancy in the county by opening up its sex education policy to include a curriculum that moved beyond “abstinence-only” information. County officials blamed the limited curriculum, among other factors, for the county’s sharp rise in teen pregnancy rates. However, even though the sex education programs in the county have opened up to more comprehensive information, the program is still not completely open. Planned Parenthood is still not invited to speak to students, even though changes have allowed for information that Planned Parenthood specializes in teaching. However, Care Net, a Christian non-profit organization, remains a part of the new program.

(Pic by Max Wolfe)

Flagler County reexamines sex education policy

By | 04.11.11 | 2:51 pm

Last week, Flagler County school board officials held a forum to discuss the possibility of  moving away from an “abstinence-only” sex education curriculum to a curriculum that would include information about human sexuality, contraception and pregnancy. After a heated debate, no decisions were made. However, the effectiveness of Florida’s statewide sex education policy was brought into question during the discussion.

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