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House to mark up race- and sex-based abortion bill co-sponsored by two Florida Republicans

By | 02.07.12 | 11:11 am

The United States House of Representatives will today mark up a bill that would outlaw abortions sought because of race or sex.

Bill outlawing race- and sex-based abortions moves forward

By | 01.24.12 | 5:09 pm

A controversial bill that would outlaw sex- or race-based abortions in Florida passed a state House health committee today.

Three abortion bills to be taken up in state Legislature tomorrow

By | 01.23.12 | 10:16 am

State Rep. Dennis Baxley, R-Ocala, has put three anti-abortion bills on the state Legislature’s calendar for tomorrow.

Sex- and race-based abortion ban picks up Democratic state Senate sponsor

By | 01.09.12 | 10:53 am

State. Sen Gary Siplin, D-Orlando, has introduced the Senate version of a bill that outlaws sex- or race-based abortions.

Federal bill would outlaw race- or gender-based abortions

By | 12.05.11 | 2:59 pm

An anti-abortion bill that generated controversy in a number of states in recent months has made its way to Congress.

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