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Scott’s office says governor hoping to operate AIDS Drug Assistance Program ‘more efficiently’

By | 02.17.12 | 1:15 pm

Florida’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program waiting list increased to 949 people as of Thursday, according to the National Alliance of State and Territorial AIDS Directors (aka NASTAD).

Obama announces additional funding for domestic AIDS programs on World AIDS Day

By | 12.01.11 | 1:38 pm

President Obama announced today that $50 million in additional funds will be going toward treatment and care for people living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S.

As World AIDS Day approaches, new numbers show the depth of Florida’s HIV/AIDS crisis

By | 11.29.11 | 4:15 pm

With World AIDS Day 2011 two days away, there is still an urgent need to strengthen testing, prevention and treatment strategies to decrease the impact of HIV and AIDS in United States.

VIDEO: Independent reporters Todd Heywood, Marcos Restrepo discuss HIV/AIDS policy

By | 11.17.11 | 2:51 pm

American Independent News Network reporters Todd Heywood, of The Michigan Messenger, and Marcos Restrepo, of The Florida Independent, have both reported extensively on HIV/AIDS policy around the country. They recently teamed up to chat about the national HIV/AIDs Drug Assistance Program funding crisis and HIV criminalization laws around the country, among other issues.

AIDS drug waiting list numbers continue to fall, but experts say they will rise again

By | 11.07.11 | 12:08 pm

The number of people on Florida’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program waiting list continues to drop, but with more than 3,200 people, the list remains the longest in the U.S.

Florida AIDS Drug Assistance Program waiting list gets shorter, still longest in U.S.

By | 10.31.11 | 2:01 pm

With almost 3,300 names, Florida’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program waiting list is still the longest in the United States, by far.

Bureau of HIV/AIDS chief updates state House on AIDS Drug Assistance Program

By | 10.20.11 | 11:25 am

A Florida House of Representatives Health subcommittee meeting report (.pdf) released Wednesday includes updated information about the state’s AIDS Drug Assistance Program, which has the longest waiting list (.pdf) in the U.S.

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