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A vigil for George Tiller (Pic by Twp)

‘Summer of Mercy 2.0′ organizers announce details of campaign targeting abortion provider

By | 07.05.11 | 11:17 am

Organizers for this year’s “Summer of Mercy 2.0″ have released their schedule for the nine-day event aimed at intimidating abortion provider Dr. LeRoy Carhart in Germantown, Md.

Screen grab of 'Defund Klanned Parenthood' YouTube video (Pic via YouTube)

‘Klanned Parenthood’ alleges KKK-Planned Parenthood connection in Scarlett Johansson PSA parody

By | 05.25.11 | 3:07 pm

The “Klanned Parenthood” folks are at it again. In an effort to continue touting the completely debunked theory that Planned Parenthood was created for racist purposes, the group has recently posted a video that superimposes Klan robes on Scarlett Johansson in a PSA for the chain of womens’ health clinics. (Featured below.)

A vigil for George Tiller (Pic by Twp)

Radical anti-abortion rights groups tout ‘historic’ work that lead to the 2009 murder of Kansas abortion provider

By | 05.17.11 | 3:02 pm

Yesterday, radical anti-abortion rights group Operation Rescue sent out a press release announcing its “Summer of Mercy 2.0″ in Germantown, Maryland.

The last “Summer of Mercy,” took place twenty years ago in Wichita, Kansas, where work done by anti-abortion rights groups culminated in the shooting of abortion-provider George Tiller. Tiller was shot in both arms by an anti-abortion rights activist in 1993, and was eventually murdered by a different activist in 2009, also in Wichita.

Ku Klux Klan

Christian Defense Coalition director starts ‘Defund “Klanned” Parenthood’ campaign

By | 05.02.11 | 2:35 pm

Looks like the totally debunked, yet somehow growing, movement claiming that Planned Parenthood was created as a form of “Black Genocide” is now a “national campaign.”

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