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Environmental groups file suit against EPA over Gulf ‘dead zone’

By | 03.16.12 | 1:31 pm

Environmental groups in states along the Gulf coast say the Environmental Protection Agency violated the Clean Water Act by refusing to set state pollution standards to tackle the “dead zone” in the Gulf, a Massachusetts-sized area of incredibly low oxygen concentrations that can’t support aquatic life.

Environmental group worries EPA beach pollution proposal not strong enough

By | 02.07.12 | 10:01 am

AnĀ EPA proposal to address pollution at U.S. beaches is designed to protect swimmers from illnesses brought on by pathogens in recreational waters, but the Natural Resources Defense Council argues that the proposal isn’t stringent enough, and will allow one in 28 beach-goers to get sick.

Report: More fuel-efficient cars would save Floridians $15 million on Thanksgiving travel

By | 11.22.11 | 8:09 am

According to a new report by Environment Florida, more fuel-efficient cars “would make significant cuts in oil use and save Floridians roughly $15 million at the gas pump this Thanksgiving alone.”

State officials defend Florida seafood against charges of inadequate testing

By | 10.20.11 | 9:54 am

Despite recent reports suggesting the FDA’s screening process for gulf seafood contaminants leaves room for improvement, state officials remain confident in the product’s safety.

Report: New fuel efficiency standards could save Floridians billions

By | 10.05.11 | 5:04 pm

A new set of fuel efficiency standards proposed by the Obama administration could save the average Florida family $371 at the gas pump in 2030.

Florida Conservation Alliance calls recent House actions a ‘nightmare for the environment’

By | 10.04.11 | 12:56 pm

In an email sent out to supporters, the Florida Conservation Alliance calls recent U.S. House actions a “nightmare for the environment,” arguing that several recently passed bills are masked as “job creators,” but are actually just “giveaways to corporate polluters.”

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