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Florida teen pregnancy task force says abstinence-only sex education is not enough

By | 12.19.11 | 3:14 pm

Last month, the Northeast Florida Teen Pregnancy Task Force released a report outlining recommendations for dealing with the region’s persistent teen pregnancy problem.

The old Florida capitol  (Pic via Wikimedia Commons)

Family planning requirements may complicate federal approval of Florida Medicaid waiver

By | 05.20.11 | 5:11 pm

According to The News Service of Florida, Florida health officials have “less than three months” to develop a detailed Medicaid-overhaul plan to sell to the Obama administration. But whether or not the federal government will give Florida a go-ahead with its proposed overhaul is unclear, due to certain provisions that “conflict with basic federal laws.” Among these conflicts is a provision that allows Medicaid providers to opt-out of providing family planning services on “moral or religious grounds.”

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