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What sprawl costs Northeast Florida

By | 01.02.12 | 8:00 am

The dismantling of the Department of Community Affairs by Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Legislature has put more power into the hands of local governments — a good thing, argues the governor, for development and growth. But just how much growth is too much?

Hometown Democracy leader unveils site detailing ‘The Price of Sprawl’

By | 10.26.11 | 11:20 am

Nearly a year after the so-called “Hometown Democracy” amendment was soundly defeated in the state of Florida, the group that backed it has unveiled a website detailing the negative effects of urban sprawl in various counties throughout the state.

New video plays up diversity of Amendment 4 opponents

By | 11.01.10 | 3:19 pm

The “No on 4″ campaign released a new video drawing attention to the diversity of groups opposing Amendment 4. The gist of it is that the opposition goes far beyond developers and Republicans:

Aside from Amendment 4, what are Florida’s growth management options?

By | 10.22.10 | 3:41 pm

Earlier this week, The Miami Herald became the latest editorial page to recommend voting no on Amendment 4 — the ballot initiative that would require land-use changes approved by local governments to be approved by voters:

We have

Amendment 4, the housing bubble and electoral priorities

By | 10.22.10 | 9:56 am

Florida Hometown Democracy spokesman Wayne Garcia says that one reason the ballot initiative has gotten the attention of national media outlets (including Fox News and The New York Times) is because Florida was ground zero for the housing crisis,…

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