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Federal judge rules that drug testing state workers is unconstitutional

By | 04.26.12 | 11:21 am

A federal judge in Miami ruled today that Gov. Rick Scott’s executive order mandating that all state workers be randomly drug tested violates the Fourth Amendment rights of people employed by the state.

Scott signs school prayer bill

By | 03.26.12 | 9:43 am

Late last week, Gov. Rick Scott signed into law a measure that allows all schools in Florida to adopt policies allowing students to give “inspirational messages,” which could include prayers or hate speech, during any school event. Critics of the law have warned that the law will land the state in yet another lawsuit.

Scott signs latest random drug testing of state employees bill

By | 03.20.12 | 11:40 am

Last night, Gov. Rick Scott signed into law the state’s second attempt to randomly drug test state employees.

ACLU, Christian group both oppose school prayer bill

By | 02.14.12 | 3:53 pm

A bill that would allow K-12 students to pray during all school events is currently being opposed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida and the Liberty Counsel. Both groups warn that such legislation would cost the state money in litigation.

ACLU, Anti-Defamation League denounce state Senate’s school prayer vote

By | 02.02.12 | 7:59 am

Civil rights groups are speaking out against a recent vote in the Florida Senate in favor of a bill that would allow students in public schools to pray during any school event.

Faith leaders say ‘Religious Freedom’ amendment is still misleading

By | 12.21.11 | 4:19 pm

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, one of the many groups challenging a 2012 ballot measure that would eliminate restrictions on state funding for religious institutions, says a recent rewrite of the proposed amendment is still misleading.

Bondi rewrites ballot summary of controversial ‘Religious Freedom’ amendment

By | 12.21.11 | 8:08 am

Yesterday, state Attorney General Pam Bondi rewrote the ballot summary for an amendment for Florida’s 2012 ballot as ordered by a Leon County judge a week ago. The amendment, if passed, would allow the state to commit to unfettered funding of religious institutions.

Judge tosses ‘Religious Freedom’ amendment from 2012 ballot

By | 12.14.11 | 1:10 pm

Judge Terry Lewis today ruled that a proposed amendment to Florida’s constitution that would repeal a ban on taxpayer funding for religious institutions is deceptive and must be rewritten before it can appear on the state’s 2012 ballot.

Judge denies Scott’s requests for ACLU records in drug testing challenge (Corrected)

By | 12.06.11 | 3:38 pm

The American Civil Liberties Union of Florida announced that a judge has denied Gov. Rick Scott’s “attempt to subpoena records from the ACLU of Florida and subject ACLU officials to depositions in the ongoing legal challenge to Scott’s order requiring illegal, suspicionless drug testing of state employees.”

ACLU of Florida asks Senate for speedy hearings on voting law

By | 11.16.11 | 3:47 pm

Howard Simon, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida, has written a letter to Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., urging him to hold Senate hearings on the state’s controversial new voting law as soon as possible.

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