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Tax Watch announces budget line-item veto recommendations

By | 04.13.12 | 12:41 pm

Florida Tax Watch, a nonprofit critical of government spending, today released its list of recommendations of programs and spending it believes Gov. Rick Scott should veto in the state’s $70 billion budget.

Funding for state homeless coalitions in jeopardy

By | 03.07.12 | 4:51 pm

Advocates for homeless coalitions in the state are reporting that nearly $2.4 million meant to help them bring in federal grants has been removed from the state’s $70 billion budget set to be voted on this Friday. But another item in the budget, for homeless housing assistance, may be able to help homeless coalitions throughout the state.

Bills addressing homelessness pass unanimously in the Florida House

By | 02.16.12 | 4:24 pm

A bill that would expedite emancipation for homeless youth and another that provides a way for Floridians to donate a dollar for programs to help the homeless when registering vehicles and renewing their driver’s licenses passed unanimously on the House floor today.

Senate budget maintains homeless coalition grants eliminated by the House

By | 02.13.12 | 4:27 pm

The Florida Senate’s budget bill, so far, maintains a line item that directs more than $2 million to local homeless coalitions in the state. The House recently passed its appropriations bill, which eliminated the funds.

Florida House passes budget bill along party lines

By | 02.09.12 | 4:34 pm

In a 79-38 vote, the Florida House passed its general appropriations bill today

Agency official says state funding for homeless coalitions is ‘critical’

By | 02.08.12 | 12:28 pm

An official at the Florida Department of Children and Families is warning that the elimination of challenge grants for local homeless coalitions could be a “critical” blow to the organizations.

Lawmakers move homelessness bills through committees

By | 02.07.12 | 3:39 pm

Even though the Florida House just eliminated some state funds for homeless coalitions in its budget proposal, lawmakers in the state House and Senate passed bills in committee today that would help the growing number of Floridians that are homeless.

Florida House budget removes grants for local homeless coalitions

By | 02.07.12 | 11:36 am

Last week, the Florida House passed an appropriations bill that removes state grants for local homeless coalitions.

Bill giving aid to the homeless moves forward in state Senate

By | 01.19.12 | 12:51 pm

A bill that would provide a way for Floridians to donate money to the homeless when registering vehicles and renewing their driver’s licenses moved forward in the Florida Senate today.

Homelessness bill moved forward this week

By | 01.13.12 | 3:02 pm

A bill written to provide more financial aid to the growing number of homeless Floridians passed unanimously through a state House health committee this past Wednesday.

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