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Millions of ‘Super PAC’ dollars flow through Tampa and into races nationwide (Corrected)

By | 11.01.10 | 8:03 am

Political operatives are exploiting new loopholes to create outside groups that can spend unlimited amounts opposing or supporting candidates nationwide. Many of these so-called “Super PACs” have only registered within the last few weeks, meaning voters won’t know who is funding them till well after election day.

One Tampa address — 610 South Blvd. — has become synonymous with the phenomenon.

Is Harry Reid secretly trying to court Charlie Crist?

By | 07.21.10 | 11:56 am

While the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday that Florida Gov. Charlie Crist had talked to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid twice recently, Reid and his office quickly poured cold water on the story and any speculation that Reid might…

With carbon cap in doubt, environmentalists scramble to strengthen renewable energy standard

By | 07.16.10 | 7:45 am

With the fate of a scaled-back cap on greenhouse gas emissions uncertain, environmental groups are scrambling to find a way to maintain a bill that would still achieve substantial cuts in global warming pollution. Now they have refocused their attention on strengthening a renewable energy standard, which would require a percentage of the country’s electricity to come from renewable energy sources like wind and solar.

As Reid prepares energy bill, emissions cap appears unlikely

By | 07.14.10 | 7:37 am

Environmental groups are working feverishly behind the scenes to ensure that the climate and energy bill being cobbled together by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) includes a carbon cap on the power sector, but sources closely following the debate on and off Capitol Hill say there is simply not enough support for such a proposal to pass the Senate this year.

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