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Rubio introduces bill to force EPA to implement state-drafted water pollution rules

By | 02.16.12 | 4:03 pm

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., today introduced a bill that would force the EPA to scrap its set of Florida water quality standards and instead accept rules drafted by the state Department of Environmental Protection.

Southerland: Federal water pollution rules ‘terribly dangerous’ for Florida

By | 01.31.12 | 1:31 pm

In an interview with Southeast AgNet, Rep. Steve Southerland, R-Panama City, says a set of federally mandated water pollution rules would be “terribly dangerous” for Florida, and could cost the state close to 50,000 agricultural jobs alone.

State senator brings back ‘Ag Gag’ bill

By | 12.09.11 | 10:05 am

State Sen. Jim Norman, R-Tampa, has reintroduced legislation to stop animal rights activists from obtaining photographic records of farming operations in Florida.

Associated Industries of Florida lauds petition calling for end to water pollution rules

By | 10.13.11 | 12:50 pm

A petition protesting the EPA’s “numeric nutrient criteria,” a set of stringent water pollution standards specific to the state of Florida, has been sent to President Barack Obama, in an attempt to urge him to “reign in the EPA’s power grab and return water quality regulation to state government.” The petition was backed largely by the Florida Farm Bureau, a group whose members could be hit with costly upgrades or fines because of the new rules.

Scum floating along the St. Johns River in July 2010 (Pic by deadgirlsdontdance)

More from water pollution conference: Huge gap between industry, EPA cost estimates discussed

By | 07.25.11 | 5:13 pm

Water pollution in the state of Florida might be a major problem for the state’s citizens, but a Monday meeting of major stakeholders in the EPA’s “numeric nutrient criteria” — a set of standards to clean up Florida waterways — revealed that industry and agriculture leaders have laid claim to the issue.

The E-Verify logo (Pic via

Georgia immigration-enforcement law goes into effect today, with mandatory E-Verify

By | 07.01.11 | 11:11 am

Nearly all of Georgia’s immigration-enforcement state law, better known as H.B. 87, goes into effect today in the midst of protests over its provisions.

State Rep. Franklin Sands, D-Plantation (Pic by Mark Foley)

State agency cites industry numbers when questioned by lawmakers about water rule costs

By | 04.05.11 | 12:30 pm

When asked by state lawmakers how much new EPA water quality standards may cost Florida businesses, the Department of Environmental Protection supplied them with numbers written by the very industries that could be affected. In doing so, the department vouched for the statistics as the “most ‘likely’” estimates despite the EPA’s vigorous disagreement, and without indicating the business-affiliated source of the numbers.

(Pic via Wikimedia Commons)

Farm photos now only a misdemeanor in Norman’s bill

By | 03.21.11 | 11:49 am

“If they don’t have anything to hide, what are they worrying about?”

(Pic via Wikimedia Commons)

Egg producer requested Norman’s farm-photo felony bill; similar legislation pending in Iowa

By | 03.17.11 | 10:35 am

According to the Florida Farm Bureau, state Sen. Jim Norman, R-Tampa, drafted his controversial “Farms” bill at the behest of Wilton Simpson of Pasco County, whose Simpson Farms produces 21 million eggs annually for Florida’s second-largest egg seller, Tampa Farm Service, Inc. As currently written, Senate Bill 1246 would make photography “at or of a farm” a first-degree felony.

(Pic via Wikimedia Commons)

Florida Farm Bureau on farm-photo felony bill: ‘We’re revising the whole thing’

By | 03.11.11 | 5:23 pm

A controversial Senate bill currently under review in Tallahassee will be revised, according to a spokesman for the Florida Farm Bureau.

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