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Department of Environmental Protection cites ‘uncertainties’ in crafting water quality cost estimates

By | 11.11.10 | 9:14 am

On Tuesday, we reported on overblown estimates of how much new water quality rules that limit the amount of waste allowed to be dumped in Florida waterbodies would cost Florida industry. Though the EPA has estimated costs to be around $130…

Regulatory reforms could present ‘first test’ for incoming Gov. Scott

By | 11.10.10 | 3:34 pm

Throughout his campaign, Gov.-elect Rick Scott talked about the importance of reducing the “regulatory burden” on Florida businesses.
That was part of the goal behind the regulatory reforms in House Bill 1565, which was vetoed by Gov. Charlie Crist. Incoming…

Tallahassee to be one of the first cities in the country to introduce all-electric buses to fleet

By | 11.09.10 | 9:20 am

Florida’s capital is on track to become one of the first cities in the country to introduce all-electric buses to its fleet, thanks to a $5.2 million grant from the Federal Transit Adminstration as part of it’s Transit Investment in…

Extravagant cost estimates for water quality standards written by industry, and disputed by state

By | 11.09.10 | 8:30 am

Dozens of politicians, lobbyists and industry heads have written to both the EPA and Congress to argue against new water quality standards that would force many big utilities and agricultural companies to reduce the amount of waste they dump in Florida’s waterbodies. Their argument? The rules would be far too costly to follow for industries in a state already grappling with record high unemployment.

But according to internal Department of Environmental Protection emails obtained by The Florida Independent, the extravagant cost estimates regularly cited by Florida leaders were crafted by an industry-dominated organization, and were routinely disputed within the department.

Oil spill roundup: Mon., Nov. 8

By | 11.08.10 | 5:39 pm

+ The federal oil spill commission released its preliminary findings on the causes of the blowout of the Macondo oil well during a round of hearings set to continue tomorrow. Details after the jump.
+ The Obama Administration

Denied oil spill claimant: Coworkers got paid, but she didn’t

By | 11.08.10 | 2:36 pm

I recently heard from another denied oil spill claimant who has struggled to get answers from the Gulf Coast Claims Facility. Her story offers further evidence of the facility’s opaque decision-making process, and sheds light on the frustrations of those seeking compensation for losses suffered as a result of the BP spill.

Federal agencies investigate mental and economic effects of BP oil spill

By | 11.08.10 | 10:21 am

The federal government is kicking off several investigations of the health effects of the BP oil spill disaster. Projects will target physical issues, as well as the spill’s impact on Gulf of Mexico residents’ pocketbooks and state of mind. Experts say that all three are related.

Comments of the Week: Fair Districts, the tea party, FPL, Crist, ‘super PACs’ and tax dollars

By | 11.05.10 | 4:00 pm

Every Friday here at The Florida Independent, we pick out the best comments we received during the previous week, whether they came from commenters here on our site, or via Facebook and Twitter. Want to be included next week? Assail…

Regulatory reform returns for possible veto override by legislature

By | 11.05.10 | 11:12 am

One of the bills on the legislative leadership’s wish list of possible veto overrides for its upcoming special session is H.B. 1565, known in some quarters as the “Lobbyist Jobs Act of 2010.”
It got that name because…

After light rail tax defeat, doubts about Tampa-Orlando high-speed rail line

By | 11.05.10 | 10:47 am

Voters in Hillsborough County not only struck a blow to hopes for light rail in the Tampa Bay area by refusing a penny sales tax increase; the overwhelming defeat now has high-speed rail plans in the area under fire.

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