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Protesters oppose Terry Jones’ Jacksonville appearance

By | 04.04.12 | 3:28 pm

A handful of protestors showed up to protest the appearance of Terry Jones — the controversial religious leader who sparked worldwide protests by planning to burn Qurans at his Gainesville church in 2010 — at a Jacksonville hotel last night.

Republican Liberty Caucus to host Terry Jones in Jacksonville

By | 03.29.12 | 10:33 am

The Republican Liberty Caucus of North East Florida will host Terry Jones in Jacksonville on Tues., April 3, for a speech titled: “Freedom of Speech, Religious Liberty, Christianity and Islam.” In 2010, Jones created a media firestorm when he threatened to burn Qurans at his Gainesville church, and has come under fire posting signs that read “Islam Is of the Devil.”

Ku Klux Klan

Even the KKK deplores Terry Jones

By | 04.22.11 | 4:42 pm

As the fight over Florida pastor Terry Jones’s crusade against Islam carries on in court, at least one barometer has surfaced that provides a sign of just how objectionable Jones is to people across the political spectrum. Earlier this week, Reddit users discovered a series of press releases from the Ku Klux Klan denouncing Florida pastor Terry Jones for his “ignorant,” “despicable” and “un-American” burning of the Koran.

Quran-burning farce a ‘blessing in disguise’ for Gainesville?

By | 09.13.10 | 2:41 pm

With his aborted Quran-burning publicity stunt, Terry Jones became an international celebrity, setting off a media firestorm that provoked deadly protests in Afghanistan and outpourings of anger around the world.
But by the time Jones swore off burning Islam’s…

Comments of the Week: High-speed rail, Scott-Sink job creation, burning the Quran, Scott’s depositions and state pregnancy clinics

By | 09.10.10 | 4:00 pm

Every Friday here at The Florida Independent, we pick out the best comments we received during the previous week, whether they came from commenters here on our site, or via Facebook and Twitter. Want to be included next week? Assail…

Quran-burning on hold, for now

By | 09.10.10 | 11:04 am

The Gainesville Sun is reporting this morning that Terry Jones, the leader of a Gainesville hate group that had announced plans to publicly burn the Quran tomorrow, is sticking by his decision to suspend the event. Jones announced…

Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder latest to condemn planned 9/11 Quran burning

By | 09.08.10 | 12:01 pm

Just days after the top military commander in Afghanistan warned that a Gainesville hate group’s plan to mark the anniversary of Sept. 11 by burning the Quran would undoubtedly serve to further complicate the U.S. mission in the…

Petraeus weighs in on anti-Muslim bigotry

By | 09.07.10 | 1:30 pm

The top commander in Afghanistan has warned that the antics of a Gainesville hate group that plans to burn the Islamic holy book on Sept. 11 could pose a threat to U.S. troops.
Dove World Outreach Center, which calls…

Gainesville fire department denies permit for ‘Burn a Koran’ day (Updated)

By | 08.19.10 | 8:18 am

Gainesville’s fire department yesterday denied a permit for a public Quran burning being organized by the city’s Dove World Outreach Center, a self-described “New Testament, Charismatic, Non-Denominational Church,” according to the Gainesville Sun (via the Orlando Sentinel).

National Association of Evangelicals calls for cancellation of Quran-burning event

By | 08.04.10 | 3:41 pm

Responding to news that Gainesville’s Dove World Outreach Center — a self-described “New Testament, Charismatic, Non-Denominational Church” — is holding a public Quran-burning event on Sept. 11, the National Association of Evangelicals last Thursday issued a press…

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