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Gaetz: Charlotte County concerns prompted shift in Florida Senate’s District 13 map

By | 01.03.12 | 1:42 pm

The Florida Senate redistricting committee has released a revamped draft of how it proposes to redraw Florida’s congressional lines. The new map shows a big shift in the district of Rep. Vern Buchanan — a shift that came about because of urgings from Charlotte County residents to lump them in with other coastal residents, according to committee chairman Don Gaetz.

Florida Chamber of Commerce wants more public funds for private schools

By | 10.20.11 | 4:15 pm

The Florida Chamber of Commerce today released its 2012 legislative agenda, which includes support for education changes that strengthen charter schools, expand the use of public funds for virtual/private schools and broaden the use of technology in the classroom.

GOP legislators to speak at National Summit on Education Reform

By | 10.07.11 | 11:37 am

State Rep. Erik Fresen and state Sen. Don Gaetz (both Republicans) will speak at the National Summit on Education Reform next week in San Francisco. The summit — organized by the Foundation for Excellence in Education, founded and led by former Gov. Jeb Bush — “offers an opportunity for lawmakers and policymakers to learn the nuts and bolts of reform.”

GOP lawmakers angered over federal request for profit cap in state Medicaid reform

By | 09.22.11 | 2:31 pm

During a committee hearing yesterday, GOP members expressed outrage with the federal government for its request that the state include a “medical loss ratio” in its Medicaid Reform Pilot.

Healthy Start to set record straight on home visiting grant

By | 09.12.11 | 11:05 am

Despite voting to accept federal grant money, members of a state budget panel claimed that the recipients of the controversial home visiting grants were really just government interlopers who did not provide “tangible services.” Now groups such as Healthy Start are hoping to set the record straight.

How the GOP-led Legislature lost a fight with the feds

By | 09.08.11 | 9:55 am

A legislative budget commission voted yesterday to accept federal home visiting grants GOP lawmakers had initially opposed because the money was allocated through the federal health care reform law.

State lawmakers hear public testimony on redistricting in Sarasota (Pic by Cooper Levey-Baker)

Hundreds show up in Sarasota to talk redistricting, gerrymandering, ‘Fair Districts’

By | 08.30.11 | 9:25 pm

Hundreds of Sarasota and Manatee county residents turned out Tuesday evening for one of the state Legislature’s final public redistricting hearings. Many of the attendees criticized the Florida House for intervening in a lawsuit to stop one of…

State Sen. Don Gaetz, R-Niceville (Pic via Facebook)

From the redistricting hearings: How to carve up the panhandle?

By | 06.22.11 | 5:18 pm

Lawmakers have completed a swing through the panhandle for public redistricting meetings. One issue that’s come up a lot in the area is whether the region is divided properly, particularly when it comes to its Senate seats.

State Sen. Don Gaetz, R-Niceville (Pic via Facebook)

From the first Florida redistricting hearings: What ‘gag order’?

By | 06.21.11 | 9:20 am

One of the criticisms that has followed the redistricting hearings members of the Florida Legislature are holding around the state is the notion they’re being run under a “gag order” — that lawmakers taking part in the meetings are being forbidden from speaking, lest they betray some intent to violate the Fair Districts amendments or other laws governing the process.

The congressional district of Rep. Allen West, R-Fort Lauderdale (Pic via

From the first Florida redistricting hearings: Show us the maps

By | 06.20.11 | 3:48 pm

Speakers at today’s hearing have argued that lawmakers should be releasing maps now, allowing the public to comment on specific redistricting plans. Because lawmakers are taking public input on redistricting before releasing the proposed maps of new districts, their argument runs, the meetings amount to a “sham” or a “dog and pony show.” What’s the point in taking public comments on plans that have not been made public?

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