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Committee advances bill that stops municipalities from cracking down on wage theft

By | 01.12.12 | 11:09 am

A GOP-sponsored bill that would prohibit local governments from enacting ordinances to resolve wage theft cases passed a vote in the House Community & Military Affairs Subcommittee Wednesday.

Healthy foods bill moves out of ag. committee

By | 01.12.12 | 10:58 am

A bill that would increase access to fresh vegetables and fruits for low-income and struggling communities passed unanimously in a state Senate agriculture committee meeting today.

Miami Lakes construction workers still owed wages

By | 12.14.11 | 12:04 pm

A group of construction workers in Miami Lakes who last week began fighting to receive wages they are owed for several weeks of work will meet today to file a complaint through Miami-Dade County’s anti-wage theft ordinance, a measure under attack in the courts and in the Florida Legislature.

Scott’s proposed budget would increase education spending in some areas

By | 12.08.11 | 10:11 am

Gov. Rick Scott’s proposed 2012-2013 budget, announced Wednesday, includes an increase for K-12 education of almost $1.1 billion.

Construction workers fight for unpaid wages as bill to block anti-wage theft ordinances moves on

By | 12.07.11 | 4:25 pm

As a Florida House subcommittee voted to pass state Rep. Tom Goodson’s bill that would block local anti-wage theft ordinances today, 35 construction workers in Miami Lakes began fighting to receive wages they are owed for several weeks of work.

Associated Builders and Contractors strengthens lobbying presence in Tallahassee

By | 11.22.11 | 10:43 am

Associated Builders and Contractors of Florida has contracted the services of a large legal firm to head its lobbying efforts in Tallahassee for the 2012 legislative session.

Activists call on Macy’s, Beall’s to stop fighting ordinance cracking down on wage theft

By | 11.21.11 | 12:15 pm

People Engaged in Active Community Efforts — aka PEACE, an organization of 27 religious congregations from Palm Beach County — delivered holiday cards to Florida Retail Federartion members Saturday as part of their campaign to push for a countywide ordinance to crack down on wage theft.

Faith and labor groups rally against wage theft

By | 11.18.11 | 12:15 pm

Even though nobody would disagree that employees should be paid for their work, how to deal with wage theft has become a highly contentious issue.

New study argues that Miami-Dade’s anti-wage theft ordinance is working

By | 11.11.11 | 11:39 am

People Engaged in Active Community Efforts released a study Thursday that finds that Miami-Dade County’s anti-wage theft ordinance is “much more effective” at dealing with wage theft claims than the process in Palm Beach County, where no such ordinance exists. The Miami-Dade measure is under attack in the courts, and in the state Legislature.

Goodson joins Simmons in fight to block local anti-wage theft ordinances

By | 11.09.11 | 8:01 am

State Rep. Tom Goodson, R-Titusville, yesterday filed his first bill for the upcoming 2012 legislative session: House Bill 609, which preempts all local laws, ordinances or rules that address wage theft in the state.

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