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Critics say new Obama drug control strategy repeats the same ‘failed’ policies

By | 04.18.12 | 1:30 pm

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy issued its 2012 strategy Tuesday; opponents insist it maintains the same failed policies of prior administrations.

New right-wing think tank touts Medicaid reform and welfare drug testing at ALEC event

By | 12.06.11 | 11:16 am

Tarren Bragdon, the president of a new Naples-based right-wing policy group, touted the state’s controversial Medicaid reform plans and Florida’s welfare drug testing law during an event held last week by the American Legislative Exchange Council (known as ALEC).

New ‘free market’ think tank asks feds to approve state Medicaid overhaul

By | 11.22.11 | 1:48 pm

Tarren Bragdon, the president of the conservative Foundation for Government Accountability, has sent a letter to federal health officials lobbying for approval of the state’s Medicaid reform plans.

New ‘free market’ think tank sets its sights on 2012 legislative session

By | 11.02.11 | 1:19 pm

Just months after opening up shop, a Naples-based “free market” public policy group that has so far declined to disclose the source of its funding has already made inroads with state government, and is gearing up to influence Florida’s 2012 legislative session.

Judge says think tank report on welfare drug testing ‘not competent expert opinion’

By | 10.25.11 | 11:18 am

A court ordered a temporary halt to Florida’s controversial new law requiring welfare recipients to submit to a drug test before receiving benefits yesterday. In its decision, the court also dismissed a report by a newly formed conservative think tank, which the state had cited as part of its defense of the law.

The E-Verify logo (Pic via

Business organizations reiterate their opposition to mandatory E-Verify

By | 07.06.11 | 12:03 pm

The list of business and industry organizations that oppose federally mandated E-Verify, the federal electronic employee verification program, continues to grow.

The E-Verify logo (Pic via

Georgia immigration-enforcement law goes into effect today, with mandatory E-Verify

By | 07.01.11 | 11:11 am

Nearly all of Georgia’s immigration-enforcement state law, better known as H.B. 87, goes into effect today in the midst of protests over its provisions.

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., in Afghanistan (Pic via Facebook)

Rubio the No. 1 recipient of Koch money in 2010 Senate races

By | 03.14.11 | 10:59 am

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., has made no secret of his pro-business agenda since taking office in January. It comes as little surprise, then, that his 2010 campaign was backed largely by industries he now supports.

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