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By | 04.27.12 | 4:00 pm

Goodbye, and thank you to all our readers, supporters, tipsters and commenters. We’ll miss you.

Scott honors director of rape crisis center after cutting her funding

By | 04.26.12 | 11:28 am

Timing has not been on Gov. Rick Scott’s side lately.

Scott cuts funding for rape crisis centers during Sexual Assault Awareness Month

By | 04.23.12 | 11:32 am

On April 17, smack in the middle of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Gov. Rick Scott vetoed $1.5 million for the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence. The Legislature allotted the funds to the organization in order to support 30 rape crisis centers as they face impending reductions in collections, which currently is the bulk of their budgets.

How Big Sugar gets its way

By | 09.19.11 | 9:00 am

The majority of sugar cane might be grown in South Florida, but the industry’s political reach extends far beyond the state.

Mystery surrounds what some say could be another gulf oil spill

By | 09.13.11 | 8:26 am

Though the mainstream media has left the story alone, reports of a new slick of oil spotted about 40 miles out in the Gulf of Mexico, near British Petroleum’s Maconda well, have many concerned.

Ross talks radiation monitoring, water rules with EPA administrator

By | 09.07.11 | 4:24 pm

Following a meeting with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson today, Rep. Dennis Ross, R-Lakeland, said in a press release that the federal agency tasked with protecting the environment has “taken the broad authority irresponsibly ceded to them by Congress, and run wild with it.” Ross also said that the agency “must realize that moms and dads cannot afford thousands more in power bills or plummeting home values.”

The Koch Industries logo (Pic via

Floridians join Koch brothers’ million dollar donor club

By | 09.06.11 | 4:02 pm

According to audio recordings of a retreat hosted by the billionaire Koch brothers in Colorado this past June, wealthy donors with Florida ties gave more than $1 million each to the brothers’ cause.

How fear of Agenda 21 infiltrated mainstream Florida politics

By | 09.02.11 | 8:15 am

Florida right-wing groups are up in arms over a 19-year-old initiative launched by the United Nations in an effort to promote sustainable development in communities all over the world. The groups are convinced the U.S. is being held hostage in a secret plot by the U.N. to steal our sovereignty and individual property rights — and the belief is seeping into mainstream Florida politics.

(Pic by Smithers7)

Broward residents again protest proposed private immigration detention center

By | 09.01.11 | 11:02 am

Residents of Southwest Ranches and Pembroke Pines, as well as immigrant advocates, gathered Thursday to once again voice their opposition to the construction of a privately run immigration detention center in Broward County.

The University of Florida campus (Pic by Random McRandomhead)

Critics of Texas higher ed changes warn of fallout should Florida embrace Perry model

By | 08.31.11 | 12:38 pm

Gov. Rick Scott hasn’t been specific about his plans to overhaul the state’s higher education system, but he has made clear his intention to make some changes — and higher education reforms in Texas will be a likely template.

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