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More reaction to news of our impending closure

By | 04.06.12 | 7:57 am

Since we announced Tuesday that The American Independent News Network will be shutting us down effective Fri., April 27, we’ve been touched to hear from readers commenting on the news. More of their thoughts after the jump.

Reaction to news of our impending closure

By | 04.04.12 | 8:08 am

We heard yesterday that The American Independent News Network will be shutting down The Florida Independent effective Fri., April 27. Since then, we’ve heard from readers on this site and across social media, letting us know how they feel about the decision. Their comments, after the jump.

The Florida Independent to shut down at the end of this month

By | 04.03.12 | 3:27 pm

No beating around the bush: It’s true. The American Independent News Network announced today that it will be shutting down The Florida Independent effective Fri., April 27.

Rubio’s ‘conservative-Republican alternative’ to the DREAM Act draws criticism

By | 04.03.12 | 9:42 am

Sen. Marco Rubio’s recent proposal to offer a “conservative-Republican alternative” to the DREAM Act continues to draw criticism from media outlets that say it could result in “a half-measure that produces only a different sort of legal limbo” for immigrants.

Senator pushes for Stand Your Ground review, warns of ‘a lot more’ cases like Trayvon Martin’s

By | 03.29.12 | 10:19 am

Florida Sen. Chris Smith, D-Fort Lauderdale, called the the state’s controversial Stand Your Ground law ambiguous on CNN this morning.

VIDEO: Trayvon Martin case prompts criticism of Obama, defense of Stand Your Ground

By | 03.28.12 | 3:59 pm

The death of 17-year-old African-American Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla., at the hands of George Zimmerman continues to spark debate over the role of race in the shooting, as well as Florida’s controversial Stand Your Grand law.

Advocates launching smartphone app aimed at undocumented immigrants

By | 03.13.12 | 10:42 am

Immigrant advocates have launched a campaign to raise funds to develop an emergency alert and personal protection smartphone app that could be used by undocumented immigrants.

Immigration advocates march to support immigration reform

By | 03.12.12 | 3:04 pm

Immigration advocates continue to march to oppose enforcement-only state laws, deportation proceeding and to support immigration reform measures.

MSNBC rejects ad criticizing Family Research Council

By | 03.08.12 | 9:17 am

MSNBC on Tuesday rejected an ad critical of Tony Perkins, president of the conservative Family Research Council and a frequent guest on the network, according to the group that produced the ad.

Education bill with ties to pro-business organization slated for Florida Senate Thursday

By | 03.07.12 | 2:47 pm

The K-12 education Parent Empowerment in Education bill, also known as the “Parent Trigger” bill, is slated to go before the Florida Senate Thursday. The bill, which opponents have said is merely a push to privatize public schools, has already passed the House of Representatives.

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