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Five corporations withdraw support for ALEC

By | 04.11.12 | 2:43 pm

A campaign launched by several progressive organizations has led five major corporations to withdraw from the American Legislative Exchange Council, known as ALEC, which has been accused by progressive organizations of working “to disenfranchise African Americans, Latinos, students, the elderly, the disabled, and the poor.”

Lawmakers join nuclear advance fee lawsuit

By | 04.09.12 | 3:16 pm

A group of four state lawmakers has joined a lawsuit asking the state Supreme Court to overturn a law requiring utility customers to pay in advance for new nuclear plants, even if they’re never built.

Scott vetoes ‘Conservation of Wildlife’ bill

By | 04.09.12 | 9:56 am

Gov. Rick Scott on Friday vetoed a bill that would have allowed for the placement of exotic animals (like zebras and rhinoceros) on public lands. H.B. 1117, known as the “Conservation of Wildlife” bill, was lambasted by environmental groups that argued it would “supplant threatened and iconic Florida species with exotic” animals.

EPA names new Gulf of Mexico program director

By | 04.03.12 | 1:35 pm

The EPA today announced the appointment of a director of a broad program designed to “facilitate collaborative actions to protect, maintain, and restore the health and productivity of the Gulf of Mexico in ways consistent with the economic well-being of the Region.”

VIDEO: Priorities USA Action releases ad tying Romney to Big Oil

By | 04.02.12 | 4:15 pm

Priorities USA Action today released an ad it says reveals Mitt Romney’s ties to Big Oil companies. According to Priorities, dedicated to protecting progressive leaders against what they call “misleading attacks,” the true motivation for Big Oil’s criticism of President Obama is to elect Mitt Romney, who the group says “stands to protect Big Oil’s profits at the expense of middle class Americans.”

Environmentalists want Scott to veto exotic wildlife bill

By | 04.02.12 | 2:22 pm

Florida’s so-called “Conservation of Wildlife” bill is set to be signed or vetoed by Gov. Rick Scott at some point in the near future, and despite the fact that the bill received overwhelming bipartisan support in the Florida Legislature, environmentalists have urged Scott to veto the measure.

Graham to discuss water conservation at University of Florida

By | 03.30.12 | 3:18 pm

Former Gov. and Sen. Bob Graham will make two presentations at the University of Florida next week, both detailing efforts to conserve the state’s natural resources.

Everglades Foundation study finds that polluters don’t always clean up after themselves

By | 03.28.12 | 9:50 am

According to a recently released study by the Everglades Foundation, the agriculture industry is responsible for 76 percent of the phosphorus pollution entering the Everglades. But despite passage of a “Polluter Pays” amendment to the state Constitution in 1996, the ag industry isn’t paying for even half of the cost of phosphorus removal, leaving the balance of the burden on the shoulders of taxpayers.

Obama announces new limits on carbon pollution from power plants

By | 03.27.12 | 4:59 pm

The EPA today proposed new limits on carbon pollution from new power plants. Environmentalists say the move will be a boon to Floridians, who get about 25 percent of their electricity from coal, but utility reps say the rules will “crush jobs” and arrest America’s economic recovery.

Scott talks Florida business, Trayvon Martin case on MSNBC

By | 03.27.12 | 10:43 am

Appearing on MSNBC’s Morning Joe Monday morning, Gov. Rick Scott spoke about the importance of building up businesses in Florida, specifically in the wake of the BP oil spill, and also fielded questions about the controversial Trayvon Martin case.

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