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Federal judge rules that drug testing state workers is unconstitutional

By | 04.26.12 | 11:21 am

A federal judge in Miami ruled today that Gov. Rick Scott’s executive order mandating that all state workers be randomly drug tested violates the Fourth Amendment rights of people employed by the state.

Rounding up reactions to the Supreme Court hearing on Arizona immigration crackdown

By | 04.26.12 | 10:06 am

The Supreme Court of the United States, which heard arguments in the lawsuit against Arizona’s immigration enforcement law Wednesday, will not issue its decision until June, but opponents and supporters continue to argue the merits of the state’s crackdown.

Much at stake as Supreme Court hears arguments over Arizona immigration crackdown

By | 04.25.12 | 7:39 am

The Supreme Court will hear arguments today on the legality of four provisions contained in Arizona’s immigration enforcement law. Analysts on both side of this issue say the court’s eventual decision will affect the future of state immigration laws across the U.S.

Sarasota GOP launches petition to pass Arizona-style immigration law in Florida

By | 04.24.12 | 12:29 pm

The Republican Party of Sarasota County has launched a petition supporting the passage of an Arizona-style immigration enforcement law for Florida.

Obama to court endangered youth vote

By | 04.24.12 | 8:19 am

President Obama will make an appearance today on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, which will be televised from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The appearance is an effort to gin up support once more among young voters.

Black and Latina working women face higher rates of unemployment, poverty

By | 04.13.12 | 7:43 am

African-American and Latina women, who now make up an important part of the U.S. workforce, face higher rates of poverty and unemployment than white and Asian working women.

School districts heed warnings about school prayer law

By | 04.12.12 | 12:28 pm

Many Florida school districts are, so far, listening to warnings from civil rights groups that adopting policies allowing for prayer at any school event will land them in court.

Crist: New elections rules ‘a step backward in protecting the right to vote’

By | 04.10.12 | 11:16 am

Florida’s new elections rules “appear to be a step backward in protecting the right to vote for citizens of the Sunshine State,” writes former Gov. Charlie Crist in a column published in today’s Tampa Bay Times.

Residents, activists stage Stations of the Cross to oppose immigration detention center

By | 04.09.12 | 10:59 am

As part of a permanent campaign to protest a proposed immigration detention center in South Florida, more than 60 residents and immigrant advocates gathered Saturday to stage the Stations of the Cross.

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