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Court rules HIV disclosure law can only be used to charge heterosexuals

By | 08.21.11 | 1:00 pm

An appellate court has ruled that Florida’s HIV disclosure law can only be used to charge heterosexuals.

Heavy metal minister sues Maddow, Minnesota Independent

By | 07.27.11 | 3:45 pm

Bradlee Dean, the controversial heavy metal rocker from Minnesota, filed suit Wednesday in D.C. Superior Court alleging he was defamed by reporting from The Minnesota Independent — a sister site of The Florida Independent — and MSNBC commentator Rachel Maddow and her show.

Undocumented youth launch Atlanta protest

By | 04.05.11 | 4:37 pm

Eight undocumented youth from around the country have moved to shut down a major thoroughfare in Atlanta, Ga., to protest state laws that ban enrollment in public universities by undocumented youth.

Mississippi HIV crisis exacerbated by government, says human rights report

By | 03.29.11 | 10:53 am

Rampant poverty, stigma and a state budget process that ignores the problem are all contributing to an HIV crisis in Mississippi where access to life-saving medical care and basic prevention services are delayed or non-existent. Those factors combined to force Human Rights Watch to issue a scathing report earlier this month highlighting the crisis as one of fundamental human rights violations.

HIV-positive woman at center of Florida prison controversy dies at home

By | 02.01.11 | 10:01 am

Betsie Gallardo, the HIV-positive woman convicted of spitting at a Florida police officer who was at the center of a controversy recently over her treatment by a Florida prison, has passed away.

Tea party, LGBT groups respond to shooting of Rep. Giffords

By | 01.08.11 | 9:08 pm

Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head Saturday afternoon at a congressional meet-and-greet in her Tucson district.

Gallardo moved from secure hospital facility to hospice

By | 01.07.11 | 2:39 pm

A dying HIV-positive inmate in Florida has officially moved from a secure wing in a Miami hospital to a hospice facility. Betsie Gallardo was provided a conditional medical release in a special meeting of the Florida Parole Commission Wednesday.

Gallardo given conditional medical release

By | 01.05.11 | 11:43 am

An emergency session of the Florida Parole Commission Wednesday resulted in the conditional medical release of 27-year-old Betsie Gallardo, reports Bil Browning at Bilerico.

Update on Gallardo case: Dying Florida prisoner transferred to hospital

By | 12.30.10 | 9:06 am

Betsie Gallardo, the HIV-positive woman serving five years in a Florida prison, has been transferred from the prison infirmary to a Miami hospital, reports her mother Jessica Bussert. The transfer was made so Gallardo could begin receiving Total Parenteral Nutrition I.V. treatment.

Florida lawmakers send plea to parole board for dying HIV-positive woman

By | 12.28.10 | 9:45 am

Florida lawmakers responding to reports on The Michigan Messenger, The Florida Independent and Bilerico have intervened in the case of Betsie Gallardo.

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