LeMieux launches website calling Hasner a ‘phony conservative’

By | 10.03.11 | 12:34 pm

GOP Senate candidate George LeMieux (left) (Pic by Aviation Structural Mechanic 3rd Class Nicole Bieneman, via Wikimedia Commons)

GOP Senate candidate George LeMieux today announced the launch of a new website that labels opponent Adam Hasner a “phony conservative.”

LeMieux’s new website goes after Hasner for allegedly being a “self-proclaimed moderate,” as well as having an inconsistent record on conservative issues such as abortion and “school choice.”

The website’s launch follows the Family Research Council’s endorsement of Hasner last week. The Research Council is a staunchly conservative anti-gay and anti-abortion rights advocacy group that routinely endorses the most conservative candidates running for federal office.

On his new website, LeMieux recycles an old criticism about a vote Hasner made as a state legislator that allegedly “weaken[ed] pro-life parental notification laws.” LeMieux is again citing a vote by Hasner in favor of an amendment that added language to the state’s parental notice of abortion law saying “a minor who does not wish to notify her parent or guardian is guaranteed the right to an adequate and available judicial bypass.”

Most states with similar parental notice laws provide a judicial bypass as a way of protecting young women from possible harm. These provisions help young women who fear they will be abused or kicked out of their homes if a parent finds out she was seeking an abortion.

However, Hasner eventually voted for a law in 2007 that sought to restrict access to a judicial bypass for minors. Now-Circuit Court Judge John Stargel introduced the law in 2007. His wife, Rep. Kelli Stargel, R-Lakeland, introduced the bill this past session, which was then signed into law by Gov. Rick Scott.

Hasner has taken some hard right positions on issues such as federal power, abortion rights and Islam during the campaign. Hasner started an advocacy group in Florida aimed at exposing the the supposed threat of Sharia in the U.S. He recently won a straw poll at Florida’s Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando.

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