Gov. Rick Scott (Pic by Cooper Levey-Baker)
Gov. Rick Scott (Pic by Cooper Levey-Baker)

Scott tells media that drug testing law is ‘for the benefit of children’

By | 09.07.11 | 5:54 pm

Gov. Rick Scott told The Miami Herald/St. Petersburg Times today that he sought a law that requires temporary assistance applicants to submit to a drug test “for the benefit of children.”

“Welfare is for the benefit of children and the money should go to the benefit of children,” he said. “This makes all the sense in the world.”

A U.S. Navy veteran and single father who supports a 4-year-old sued the state of Florida yesterday. Luis Lebron lost his benefits because he refused to waive his Fourth Amendment rights by submitting to suspicionless drug testing. Lebron, a student at the University of Central Florida, was otherwise eligible for those benefits.

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