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Six in the Morning: A six-pack of infobits you might have missed

By | 08.29.11 | 7:45 am
  1. A New York Times op-ed argues that the spate of new restrictions on voting amount to “poll taxes by another name,” and Arizona has filed a lawsuit arguing that the pre-clearance requirements in the Voting Rights Act are too much trouble.
  2. The recession helped tamp down oil prices, and oil production limits may continue to constrain economic growth in the future.
  3. Here’s a close look at the cuts to county health departments in Central Florida.
  4. Check out Jeb’s advice to Scott.
  5. The Board of Governors approved a revised plan to prevent turf wars among the state’s universities and walked back from an earlier plan to divide the university system into regions, which had been panned by college presidents around the state.
  6. Parting thought: The best obituary you will read for Stetson Kennedy, 1916-2011.

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