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Kaplan suit dismissed

By | 07.12.11 | 11:15 am

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel is reporting that a lawsuit brought against for-profit Kaplan University by a school employee-turned-whistleblower has been dismissed in court.

Kaplan (a subsidiary of the Washington Post Corp.) is one of eight for-profits schools currently being investigated by the state attorney general’s office. Allegations of fraudulent recruiting and financial aid practices have dogged the school for some time.

The recently dismissed lawsuit was filed in Nevada District Court by Charles Jajdelski, a former employee of a Kaplan-owned school in Las Vegas.

In his complaint, Jajdelski alleged that he discovered information showing that Kaplan’s Heritage College had filed fraudulent student financial aid requests. In 2009, he attempted to have the cases transferred to South Florida, where three other cases filed against the school are pending. In April 2010, the request was denied, due to concerns that it was a “potential tag-along action.”

In 2010, by which time Jajdelski had amended his complaint four times, he brought up new allegations of violations. On July 7, 2011, a judge ordered (.pdf) that the case be dismissed due to Jajdeslksi’s failure to “state with particularity the circumstances constituting fraud.”

Jajdelski’s lawyer told the Sun-Sentinel that he plans to appeal the decision.

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