Abby Johnson, in a screenshot from a Life Always ad (Pic via
Abby Johnson, in a screenshot from a Life Always ad (Pic via

Former Planned Parenthood director addresses National Right to Life Convention

By | 06.24.11 | 3:10 pm

Former Planned Parenthood of Texas Director Abby Johnson spoke during the 2011 National Right to Life Convention, which began on Thursday in Jacksonville. Johnson, who has become a major fixture of the anti-abortion movement, used her time behind the podium to tell a story involving Hillary Clinton, whom she met at an annual Planned Parenthood function.

Though Johnson said she had been “in awe” of Clinton at the time, she pandered to her audience — taking jabs at both Clinton and her former employer.

From Johnson’s speech:

She was there to receive the highest award that Planned Parenthood gives every year. And that’s the Margaret Sanger Circle Award. Now, we all know who Margaret Sanger is, right? Founder of Planned Parenthood, eugenist, “minorities are human weeds, and need to be exterminated.” That’s Margaret Sanger.

Johnson said she now goes to the clinics in which she once worked to pray and recognize women that are visiting for abortion procedures. “It’s not comfortable,” she said. “I don’t like being chastised by people that used to be my friends.”

The tone of Johnson’s speech was overtly religious throughout (she elicited cheers after remarking that the anti-abortion movement is “on the team of Jesus Christ”), but she also made mention of politics — referencing the dozens of pieces of anti-abortion legislation piling up in state legislatures across the country. “We can’t legislate abortion away. It won’t happen,” said Johnson. “Roe v. Wade could be overturned tomorrow and abortions would be happening” the next day.”

Watch a clip from Johnson’s speech:

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