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Political action committee wants to eliminate permits ‘for any manner of bearing arms in Florida’

By | 02.24.11 | 1:35 pm

Florida Ballot Initiative, a political action committee led by Jupiter’s Richard Antolinez, is seeking to gather enough signatures to place a constitutional amendment on the 2012 ballot that would dictate that “no permit shall be required” to bear arms in Florida.

The right-to-bear-arms section of the Florida constitution states that people have the right to bear arms but that “the manner of bearing arms may be regulated by law.”

The proposed initiative, titled “Unalienable Individual Right to Bear Arms; No Permit Required For Any Manner of Bearing Arms,” would change that wording (.pdf) so that the right to bear arms

cannot be regulated away or infringed upon; no permit shall be required for any manner of bearing arms in Florida, only the open carry of handguns may be regulated by law. Permits may be issued by request to facilitate travel in reciprocal states and as an exemption to waiting periods.

The amendment currently has zero valid signatures — to be placed on Florida’s 2012 ballot, it needs 676,811.

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