A screenshot from the Heroic Media website (Pic via ppabortsaa.org)
A screenshot from the Heroic Media website (Pic via ppabortsaa.org)

Texas anti-abortion group targets Planned Parenthood, African-Americans in North Florida ad campaign

By | 12.09.10 | 9:00 am

Heroic Media, the Austin, Texas-based anti-abortion group that counts Sarah Palin among its endorsers, has been branching out from its Texas roots to create a presence in Florida. In recent weeks, both billboards and television commercials have been showing up in the Jacksonville area.

Even before it was unveiled, one of the group’s billboards was met with local media attention due to its controversial message. In the ad, an African-American girl is shown in the foreground with the words “The most dangerous place for an African American is in the womb” displayed in the background.

The billboard is part of Heroic Media’s massive campaign against Planned Parenthood, an effort the group has labeled “Planned Parenthood aborts African Americans.” In addition to the billboard, television commercials aimed at Planned Parenthood have also begun showing up in the Northeast Florida area.

In an interview with an area news station, Staci Fox, the CEO of Planned Parenthood’s Northeast Florida branch, spoke out against the ads, calling them “untrue” and “reprehensible.” According to the same piece, similar ads have already been banned in cities including New York, Chicago, Dallas and Houston.

Heroic has an entire website devoted to the campaign. The site contains even harsher words for Planned Parenthood and the African American community at large:

Planned Parenthood® is targeting African American women and children by concentrating their abortion facilities in urban neighborhoods. In the process, they have managed to successfully kill the hope and future of the next generation of African Americans. Planned Parenthood’s actions are the ultimate exploitation of African American women and an assault on the dignity of life. Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger had a plan. She wasn’t interested in removing the cause of poverty, illiteracy, illegitimate births, or other social ills, she just wanted to eliminate the result, the pregnancy, …the innocent life. She wanted to, “stop the reproduction of the unfit”. Please help us, provide another voice for African Americans to listen to, to choose. A voice that encourages the heroic decision to become a mother.

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